Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

Notice the red NASA baseball cap Casey is wearing. She picked that up at collections. (The scene where she first discovers the Tomorrowland pin.)

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The barking dog locked up outside is just an illusion, a hologram of some sort.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

We hear George Clooney’s character tell her to go away, but that isn’t going to stop Casey.


She noticed a cleverly hidden security camera hidden in the seemingly ignored or abandoned farm house.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

She flashes the Tomorrowland pin at the camera. Notice Casey is now holding the pin with her bare fingers, and somehow is not transported to Tomorrowland as we’ve seen previously. Through the voice over we hear Casey ask Frank to take her to Tomorrowland. So does Frank have control of a device that can transport people to the other dimension?


Frank uses some kind of tech weapon to blast Casey ten feet from the doorstep.


Tomorrowland George Clooney

George Clooney certainly knows how to make an entrance. He recognizes the Tomorrowland pin because he’s seen one just like it before as a child at the New York World’s Fair.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

“What you saw was a place where the best and brightest people of the world came together to actually change it”


A kid with a rocket pack jets by. We have heard that Frank soared in a rocket pack like this when he accessed Tomorrowland through a secret entrance beneath Walt Disney’s “It’s A Small World” attraction at the NY World’s Fair. Its possible the young man flying by is young Frank Walker, played by Thomas Robinson in the movie.


Casey explores Tomorrowland. Notice the structure in the background, it has the same look as Disneyland and Disney World’s popular roller coaster attraction Space Mountain, also seen in the Tomorrowland poster. A look at Disneyland’s Space Mountain:




Casey watches as a flying car goes by.


…and underneath her. Casey is on a moving elevated vehicle which we have heard is called a Nonorail.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson

We cut back to Casey’s first visit to Frank’s hidden bunker, where she discovers our post-apocalyptic future.

Tomorrowland Britt Robertson George Clooney

Frank explains to Casey that he’s been looking for “someone like” her for a really long time.


The Nonorail passes a building.


Tomorrowland Times points out the structure “resembles the trylon and perisphere from the 1939 World’s Fair in Chicago”, which was purposely referenced in the Tomorrowland viral campaign The Optimist, and in the 1952 Box which “inspired the film.”

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