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A New Face of Evil

We caught a glimpse at one of the ghosts the Warrens will face off against: Old Bill. No one we spoke to would reveal too much about the sequel’s villains, but Old Bill, like Annabelle, is certainly a character Cowan and others are considering for a spinoff:

There’s a character that we just had finished shooting some of, and I can’t say much about him, and again, the movie’s got to come out, we’ve got to see how the response is, but it’s a character that we love and we hope eventually, like Annabelle, that it could spinoff into its own story.

For what it it was, Annabelle was a cheap movie, and it made over $250 million at the worldwide box-office. With that figure in mind, there is no way The Conjuring 2 comes out without a spinoff character ready to go.

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James Wan Is Back, Too

Wan is a busy, busy man. He shot The ConjuringInsidious: Chapter II, and Furious 7 almost all back-to-back. After the tone he established with the first Conjuring, it would’ve been a shame if he didn’t return for the sequel. While Cowan said the sequel would’ve been made without Wan, he stressed they wanted him back and were ready to wait for the right time and the right script:

James’ schedule goes hand in hand with getting the script right. We’ve really good writers who’ve been working on it and and the creative team all around with the studio and everybody are great and have great ideas, but at the end of the day, it comes down to James putting his imprint on it. And with Fast 7, that was the biggest problem. Unfortunately, with the death of Paul Walker, that pushed that movie off so far, almost a year, otherwise we would have been kicked into gear a lot earlier. But there was always the structure and the basic idea of the script was down, but it really took James to finish-finish on that movie because it was so hard on many levels, particularly the Paul thing, with him having to deal with that, and then we had to wait for him to finish and then once he finished, then the thing just kind of really started to churn.

Wan, along with David Johnson (Oprhan), and Chad and Carey Hayes (The Conjuring) wrote The Conjuring 2.


Will The Conjuring 2 Match The First Movie?

No clue. You can’t predict such a thing midway through a shoot, especially someone doing a set visit, but based on what we heard and witnessed, the key players are making the sequel for the right reasons. We didn’t get the opportunity to speak with James Wan on the set, but honestly, he’s at a point in his career where he doesn’t have to make a movie he doesn’t want to; he’s definitely not making The Conjuring 2 for the hell of it.

Producer Pete Safran mentioned Wan is not back because he has to be, but because he has something to say:

It would be a completely different experience [if he didn’t return] because it’s such a luxury to have the guy who is working at the absolute top of his game doing exactly what he does best. It’s really rare. We were so lucky to have him on the first one, and we never thought we’d have him back for the second one, truthfully. And he came back because he had something to say. He said he’d only come back if he felt he could make a movie that was worthy of being the successor to the first one. If he could make a character-driven movie that was also the scariest movie you’ve ever seen.

What exactly does Wan want to say with the sequel? We’ll find out when The Conjuring 2 hits theaters on June 10th.

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