The Best Teaser Trailers of All Time

Guardians of the Galaxy

42. Guardians of the Galaxy 

A version of this teaser trailer was originally shown at San Diego Comic Con, and got a ton of people who had never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy really excited about the film. The teaser really sets up the attitude and the insane sci-fi weirdness of Marvel’s galactic world. And somehow Disney said yes to a trailer for a comic book movie featuring their main hero giving the middle finger to the camera.

41. A Serious Man

This one was one of Russ Fischer’s picks, which he calls a “landmark” teaser trailer. While it is filled with clips from throughout the film, the one-minute teaser trailer is cut almost like one of those Pogo music videos, providing a tone and rhythm to its madness.

40. There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson’s films have had some great mood and tone focused teaser trailers. There Will Be Blood is my favorite of the bunch.

39. Toys

I was never a huge fan of Barry Levinson‘s 1992 film Toys but the teaser trailer was a lot of fun, focusing on star Robin Williams lampooning trailers, doing impressions and making jokes as only he could.

38. Back To The Future

I wouldn’t say that the Back to the Future teaser trailer is technically great, in that it isn’t as exciting as the other teasers on this list — but this cheesy trailer is awesome in hindsight. It feels so deeply of the 1980s. The teaser is comprised of footage shot specifically for the marketing. The camera pans over all the flashing lights and gizmos inside the futuristic Delorean time machine prop as Michael J Fox enters the vehicle and answers a question posed by a woman off-camera. I can’t explain why this is so great but everytime I watch it it makes me smile.

37. Prometheus

A great homage to the classic Alien trailer which, yes (spoiler alert!), places higher on this list.

36. WALL-E

Disney’s tease of WALL-E begins with the behind the scenes creation of the early Pixar films leading to the introduction of our favorite computer animated robot.

35. Transformers

Say what you will about Michael Bay or the Transformers films, but almost all of the films had fantastic trailers. The first Transformers was sold on footage not used in the film, showing a Mars rover which went missing. The footage from the rover shows its last few seconds, and the reveal of an alien invasion headed towards earth. It was a very cool way to set-up a live-action Transformers film, and it got a lot of people interested.

34. The Empire Strikes Back

I love the fact that the sequel to Star Wars was first marketed based only on Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art, with no actual footage from the movie.

33. The Social Network

A trailer about the creation of Facebook told by splicing dialogue into a facebook-style chat? Genius.

32. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This trailer is in the same vein as the teaser trailer for the first Transformers, above. It shows an alternate conspiracy theorist version of American history, more information kept from us by the United States government. This teaser trailer is based in the moon landing, which leads to a reveal of a secret mission.

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