6. Coherence
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A group of friends get together for a dinner party, which begins right as a comet is passing overhead. And then there’s a blackout. What follows is a creepy, whip-smart sci-fi thriller that recalls the best episodes of The Twilight Zone. Directed by James Ward Byrkit,  Coherence is effective and chilling; a unique experience, made in an experimental nature. Filmed without rehearsal over a few nights, with no real script and the actors improvising, Coherence does a lot with a little, and then some. If it sounds like I’m dancing around what really happens in this movie, that’s because I am. The less you know about Coherence, the better the film is; the more shocking, more mind-blowing. Just know that if you give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

For fans of: PrimerBlack MirrorThe Invitation, what-the-fuckery.

7. The Long Goodbye
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Robert Altman‘s 1973 post-modern noir turns Raymond Chandler’s hard boiled detective Philip Marlowe into a shuffling, mumbling man out of time, dealing with the ’70s with a raised eyebrow and a constantly lit cigarette. If you’re expecting a traditional mystery, prepare yourself: The Long Goodbye is anything but traditional. What it is, though, is a remarkable showcase for Elliott Gould, who is incredible as the perplexed Marlow. As a bonus, look for an extremely early “performance” from Arnold Schwarzenegger, playing a silent bodyguard!

For fans of: Inherent ViceChinatownMcCabe & Mrs. Miller, people mumbling around the cigarettes perched in their mouths.

8. Landline
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Director Gillian Robespierre re-teams with her Obvious Child star Jenny Slate for this funny, sweet comedy set in New York in the 1990s. It’s sort of like a Woody Allen movie without all of the terrible baggage that comes with Woody Allen. Slate is wonderful here; she’s one of those actresses who really needs to be much more well-known than she is right now. She’s equally matched by Abby Quinn, playing her sister. Both actress have great chemistry together, and Landline works best when it lets the two of them bounce off each other. While Landline isn’t as great as Obvious Child, it still highlights what a gifted filmmaker Robespierre is, and how well she and Slate work together.

For fans of: Obvious ChildManhattan, The Big Sick, sexual trysts in movie theaters.

9. The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh
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Atmosphere goes a long way in a horror movie. Case in point: Rodrigo Gudiño’s The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh deploys enough atmosphere that you end up thinking more is going on in the film than there actually is. After his mother dies, a young man (Aaron Poole) takes up residence in her ornate, gothic home, only to discover a potentially malevolent force dwelling within its walls. Gudiño directs the hell out of this, relying on burn so slow that you begin to grow anxious. That’s all part of the design. Low on jump scares and huge on mood, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh is guaranteed to give you the creeps.

For fans of: Lake MungoLocke, patience.

10. The 13th Warrior
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Imagine if someone took the Old English epic poem Beowulf and turned it into a 1990s action thriller! The result would be John McTiernan’s goofy as hell but very entertaining The 13th Warrior. Based on Michael Crichton’s book Eaters of the DeadThe 13th Warrior is a retelling of Beowulf told from the point of view of one of Beowulf’s companions, a poet played by Antonio Banderas. The film demythologizes the story: Grendel isn’t a monster, but rather a serious of half-wild humans; there’s no dragon, but rather a line of people carrying torches that end up resembling a dragon; and so on. This film was virtually ignored when it hit theaters, which is usually the fate of any Crichton adaptation that doesn’t feature Jurassic in the title. Despite its flaws, The 13th Warrior is a lot of fun, and worth rediscovery.

For fans of: BeowulfKingdom of HeavenFirst Knight, historical films with 100% historical inaccuracy.

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