The Best Creepy Clown Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen


Clown (2014)

A man puts on a clown costume for his son’s birthday, but he discovers too late that not only is he unable to remove it but that it’s changing him from the outside in.

Don’t let Eli Roth’s name on the front cover of this one scare you off – he came aboard mostly as a recognizable name producer – as this is Jon Watts’ baby. Yes the same Jon Watts who recently gifted us with Spider-Man: Homecoming. He crafts a terrific little horror thriller here that sees a kind man driven to acts of murder, cannibalism, and worse. The man’s predicament adds an emotional layer to the carnage as he’s clearly pained, both physically by the suit/makeup and psychologically as he realizes what his desire to be a good dad has gotten him into. The costume melds onto his flesh, and, along with the face paint, the outfit becomes a part of him. What starts clean and professional-looking begins to crack and grow darker as the film proceeds.

Without spoiling anything, it needs to be pointed out that there’s an extended sequence set in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant/arcade that either got someone at the chain’s home office fired or promoted – I’m not sure which. To be sure, they’re careful about not identifying it directly, but there’s no denying that someone signed off on allowing a major sequence to be filmed there featuring the mass slaughter of children. You’ve never seen so much bloody fun in the Fun Zone.

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the houses october built

The Houses October Built (2014)

A group of friends take an RV trip documenting their search for the scariest haunted house in America, and unfortunately for them, they find what they’re looking for.

I’m not exactly partial to “found footage” horror movies, but once in a while a film comes along that takes advantage of the format to deliver a solidly scary movie without the usual stumbles and fumbles. This is one of those – for the most part – but even when it trips over itself, the film quickly recovers to bring viewers once again towards some spooky destinations. We move through some creepy attractions, “real” ones where the characters are perfectly safe, but standing on the periphery are our soon-to-be-antagonists, who have plans to scare the life out of both us and them simultaneously.

The unsettling creepers come in a wide variety, but it’s the clown-themed ones that lead to some legitimately terrifying sequences. The lady pictured above, nicknamed Porcelain, is silent and slow-moving, but sweet jeebus is she unnerving. She boards the RV at one point, and while she only eyeballs the gang, it’s an absolutely harrowing few minutes. Other clowns creep their way into view throughout, resulting in a film that will have you looking over your shoulder this coming Halloween. Fans of this entry will be happy to know a sequel is hitting VOD this month with the same filmmakers behind the camera.

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the funhouse massacre

The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

A group of violent, mentally disturbed patients escape their institution and set up shop in a local Halloween-themed funhouse. A massacre ensues.

This is a fun little flick for horror fans that manages more than a few thrills and giggles as the escaped inmates go to town on an unsuspecting populace, and while there are some tonal issues as the film tries to blend horror and laughs, it succeeds more often than not. Our bloodthirsty madmen (and woman) pick off visitors to the funhouse one by one until a spunky band of survivors fight to stay that way, and the set-pieces offer a fun mix of stalking, slashing, and some terrifically gruesome gore. It’s a bloody movie that manages lots of brutal deaths without ever feeling like a grim and stressful experience.

Helping matters in that department is a cast featuring a few familiar faces on the side of evil. Robert Englund pops in as the head of the asylum, and he’s right at home in the campy role. Clint Howard and Jere Burns (Justified) meanwhile play two of the six psychopaths and bring both personality and charisma to these charming murderers. Even the less familiar faces engage in their mayhem, from a deranged dentist to a pair of clowned-up wackos who smile as they tear flesh and break bones. As is the nature of this list, it’s these last two who are the most unsettling in the white-faced silence.

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