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The 400th edition of Superhero Bits is here and it’s filled with four pages of the stuff you love. For example, want to see two brand new Kick-Ass 2 characters posters? Has an Iron Man 3 set visit been running on Disney Channel? How does Kevin Feige describe all the new armors in Iron Man 3? Did Hugh Jackman provide a commentary on The Wolverine trailer? How cool does The Avengers Marvel box set look in person? Where is James Gunn scouting for Guardians of the Galaxy? It’s all here and more in the very special, super-sized, 400th edition of Superhero Bits!

Here’s a low-res version of an Iron Man 3 set visit currently playing on the Disney Channel, via Comic Book Movie.

Kevin Feige spoke at length about Tony Stark’s armors in Iron Man 3. Here’s a taste:

By the end of the film, we see each and every one of them, and you realize Tony is a mechanic and he has been tinkering. Any conceivable idea he had about the suit technology he built and stored in his Hall of Armor. Finally, after talking about it for four movies we finally see his Hall of Armor and the giant army of suits that he’s built for himself.

Iron Man 3 album

That’s the cover of the Iron Man 3 “Heroes Fall” album. Read the track listing at Comic Book Movie.

Stitch Kingdom has a very extensive, and mildly spoiler-filled, round up of official Iron Man 3 facts.

Red Snapper Iron man 3

We did an extended write up on one of the two new Iron Man 3 armors revealed today, but here’s the other. It’s the Red Snapper, aka the Disaster Rescue Suit. Comic Book Movie actually has alternate looks at all the armors too, as above.

Speaking of those armors, Badass Digest did a funny commentary on all of them.

Avengers Box Set

Post76 (via CBM) posted some images of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Box set in person. Very cool packaging.

More Kevin Feige and Iron Man 3. Click here to read about James Badge Dale’s character.

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