The T-1000 melts through the smashed windshield of the cop car and forms on the hood of the vehicle. This is a very cool shot.

Byung-hun Lee  Terminator Genisys

The T-1000 leaps off the hood of the cop car towards the truck that Sarah and Kyle used in the escape from the clothing store earlier.

 Terminator Genisys

Sarah Connor shoots out of the back of the truck.

Emilia Clarke – Sarah Connor Terminator Genisys

The car explodes.



Sarah Connor: “We can stop Judgement Day from happening” Again?

Emilia Clarke – Sarah Connor Terminator Genisys

Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor have infiltrated what appears to be Cyberdine. What does that say on the large screen? Could it be…


Actually, if this screen looks familiar it might be because it was the seen in the first behind the scenes photo when Arnold announced the title of the movie on Instagram:

Terminator Genisys Instagram

Something behind the metal door is dying to get out.

Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney Terminator Genisys

Sarah Connor yells “Run!!!” before shooting at the ceiling. Could they be teasing a bigger badder Terminator model that we’ve never seen before?

Emilia Clarke – Sarah Connor Terminator Genisys

Emilia Clarke – Sarah Connor Terminator Genisys

More shots from the future war against the machines.

Terminator Genisys  future war


Terminator Genisys  future war

The T-800 tackles someone into a vending machine, through a wall. The T-1000 lands on the top of a bus driving over the Golden Gate Bride.


This actually isn’t the first time we have seen the Golden Gate Bridge in a Terminator film, the bridge appeared in the post apocalyptic future of Terminator Salvation.


Sarah: “Where is he?!” The bus launches forward.


Almost like a shot from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

dark knight truck flip

But instead of just doing a front flip, the bus continues on and does an amazing full flip, all while on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bus flip terminator

We then see Sarah Connor save Kyle while hanging off the bridge.

Jai Courtney Terminator Genisys

And the T-800 is hanging on to them.

Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys logo.

Terminator Genisys logo

We are now in a helicopter over a city and the T-800 Guardian says his signature line to Sarah: “I’ll Be Back!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger  Terminator Genisys

He then dives out of the helicopter, nosediving through the air. He smashes into another helicopter, probably one that the T-1000 is flying.

Arnold sky diving terminator genisys

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