Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without YouthFrancis Ford Coppola’s first film in 10-years, Youth Without Youth, premiered on Sunday at RomaCinemaFest to lackluster reviews.

Ray Bennett of The Hollywood Reporter:

“The story is full of arcane references that many will find nonsensical, and the performances are a letdown. Lacking coherence and suspense, the picture is likely to attract a cult following while disappointing Coppola’s fan base.”

Jay Weissberg of Variety:

“Not just fans of Francis Ford Coppola will be disappointed by the mishmash plotting and stilted script of Youth Without Youth.””Attempting to harness multiple genres, pic is brought down by ponderous dialogue (much of it dubbed) and an inability to connect with its characters.””Presumably, Coppola chose to dub most of the film because the non-native English speakers needed help to make their lines clear, but the device, though generally well done, does nothing to help lackluster delivery in the minor roles.”

I think most everyone was expecting a mixed or negative reaction for this film. But all accounts so far seem to sway more negative than my already low expectations.

Youth Without YouthThe movie trailer for Youth Without Youth, Francis Ford Coppola’s first new film in 10-years, is now online. Coppola adapted, produced and directed the movie based on the 1976 novel by Romanian-born religious historian Mircea Eliade.

The short teaser trailer looks interesting, but doesn’t really show much, or at least it doesn’t show much in terms of narrative story. And that worries me quite a bit since I have heard that it is somewhat personal and experimental. It has been widely reported that the film was inspired by his daughter Sofia, and shot with a low $5 million budget film last winter in Romania using a Sony High Definition camera. The movie has been screened in front of friends and fellow directors including: Martin Scorsese, Dennis Hopper, Andy Garcia, Matt Dillon, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Spike Jonze, John Singleton, the Hughes Brothers, Alfonso Cuarón, and Gus Van Sant attended the screening. It has been said that overall the film is “Good, but very difficult.”

The movie stars Tim Roth as a 70-year-old who is struck by lightning and suddenly gets younger and more brilliant. The film co-stars Alexandra Maria Lara and Bruno Ganz, and Matt Damon makes a cameo appearance. Coppola’s last time behind the camera was 1997’s Rainmaker which also starred Damon. Read More »

Francis Ford Coppola

Jeeeez, Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner are on a roll. I bet Paramount and Redstone are regretting that separation now. The new United Artists are in talks to acquire Francis Ford Coppola’s first film in ten years.
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