Home Video Window

Theater chains and major movie studios are gearing up for a fight over early VOD releases. Major studios Warner Bros. and Universal are both said to be considering early video-on-demand releases in 2019 – something that won’t sit very well with theaters. This battle has been raging for years, heightened by the increasing popularity of streaming video, as well as an effort to combat piracy. Who is going to come out ahead in the home video window wars – studios, or theaters?

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Legendary Pictures

In a move that you might have seen coming if you follow these sorts of things, Legendary Pictures is cutting ties with Universal and likely returning home to Warner Bros. Legendary parted ways with Warners back in 2013 and set up shop at Universal, but the partnership hasn’t worked out so well. Now, back to Warner Bros. they go!

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Brett Ratner

Warner Bros. is finally close to cutting all ties with Brett Ratner‘s RatPac Entertainment. In November of 2017, sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against Ratner, which lead Warner Bros. to rush to sever ties with the producer and filmmaker. Still, several projects still lingered that tied RatPac to Warners. Now, that time is almost over.

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Ben Affleck Batman

How’s this for a comic book movie bombshell: a new report indicates that Ben Affleck, who has played the latest live-action cinematic version of Batman in Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Justice League, is apparently being “ushered out” as the Dark Knight, meaning that it’s unlikely he’ll even reprise the role in the long-gestating spin-off movie The Batman.
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Superman Red Son movie

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts made the jump from indie films to blockbusters with this year’s Kong: Skull Island, but if the filmmaker had his way, he’d soon be at the helm of a movie adaptation of Superman: Red Son, a popular comic from writer Mark Millar and artists Dave Johnson
and Kilian Plunkett. Vogt-Roberts revealed on Twitter that he pitched Warner Bros. his take on the Elseworlds (read: alternate reality) story, but the studio turned it down. Read more about the would-be Superman Red Son movie and the director’s thoughts on superhero cinema below.
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Wonder Woman Clips

Warner Bros. is riding high on a picture-perfect wave of positive early buzz for the studio’s long-awaited big screen take on Wonder Woman, but if you’ll allow the metaphor to continue, consider this latest development to be an ugly piece of driftwood floating right in the path of that sweet curl. The country of Lebanon has banned all screenings of Wonder Woman nationwide, due to the fact that star Gal Gadot is Israeli.
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Animaniacs reboot

As a young movie lover who largely grew up in the ’90s, I thought the animated series Animaniacs was one of the best shows on television. It was bursting with pop culture references, memorable characters, terrific music, and humor (some of which went way over my head), but even at the time, I knew I was watching something special.

The original series ran 99 episodes from 1993-1998. Fast forward to 2017 and yep, you guessed it: a reboot is in development. And there’s good news: Steven Spielberg, who executive produced the original show, is “expected to be involved” in bringing the series back to life.
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Batman v Superman Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck

A horrible tragedy has occurred in the lives of director Zack Snyder and his producing partner/wife Deborah: in March of this year, their 20-year-old daughter Autumn committed suicide. After diving headfirst into work in an attempt to keep his mind off of his unthinkable loss, Snyder has now decided to step down from Warner Bros.’ Justice League and has called in Joss Whedon to take over for him. Get the Justice League Joss Whedon details below.
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Warner wants Wonder Woman Script, Joss Whedon cries

Wonder Woman

I have never liked Joss Whedon. I always thought he was overrated. I’ve posted snide comments in the past which resulted in the backlash of firefly fanboys. Whedon has been hard at work developing a Wonder Woman movie for Warner Bros. Well today it was announced that the company are “quietly in the process of buying” a spec Wonder Woman script by virtual unknowns Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland. Could it be possible that Warner is not happy with the direction of Whedon’s script? So much so that they are willing to open their wallets for a spec script?
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Sequel Alert: The Departed 2?

The Departed

Martin Scorsese’s latest film has grossed over $125 million domestically, and has become an award nomination black hole. Even though [spoiler alert] most of the main characters are no longer living by the time the credits role, talk has already begun of a Departed sequel.
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