Reports of the death of creativity in Hollywood are probably somewhat exaggerated, but it can’t be denied that there are a lot of reboots, remakes, adaptations, sequels, prequels, etc. in the pipeline. After the jump, updates on three we’ve got our eye on:

  • Jose Padilha describes his Robocop as being about “a man being turned into a product by a corporation”
  • Tomb Raider producer Graham King confirms that he has a completed script, and explains how he took inspiration from Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • Dark Shadows star Helena Bonham Carter discusses what makes Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows such a tough sell

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The next puzzle has been solved on the long road to a 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. Graham King’s GK Films got the big one out of the way in March when they announced they’d acquired the rights to the franchise from Square Enix, which had previously been at Paramount. Next up, writers needed to be hired, and that’s just fallen into place. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, both credited writers on Iron Man, Children of Men and the upcoming Cowboys & Aliens, and will attempt to craft an “origin story for Lara Croft that solidifies her place alongside Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor in the pantheon of great female action heroes.” Read More »

Tomb Raider

In January, it was revealed that a new Tomb Raider movie was in development. Not a sequel but a complete reboot of the series. was able to catch up with producer Dan Lin and find out a little more about the project. Lin reveals that the film will be a “very character orientated” origin story, which hopes to take a “more realistic” tone than past Tomb raider movies.I guess this means we won’t be seeing Lara punching any sharks this time around.

He also says it will be a younger Lara Croft, which has some sites assuming that he means teenage. Megan Fox had been the subject of Internet rumors surrounding the project earlier this year. And while casting has yet to begin (it still sounds like they’re in the story development phase), who knows?