VOTD: A Brief History of Conspicuous Product Placement

With today’s DVR culture, product placement is becoming more and more prevalent. The only way for advertisers to get eyeballs on their products, since we fast-forward through the commercials, is for those products to actually be in the shows. It’s a fact of life and it can be infuriating. And when it happens in a movie, it can be even more infuriating. But also, sometimes, hilarious.

Filmdrunk has gone through some of your favorite, and least favorite, movies to find a bunch of the most ridiculously obvious instances of product placement and mashed it up all into one, nice little video. They even classed it up with some facts about the history of product placement in movies. For example, did you know that Fatty Arbuckle is credited with the first instance of product placement? Or that Michael Bay is the current king of it? Combining education, humor, and Nintendo’s Power Glove (“It’s so bad”), you’ve gotta check this out. Read More »

Cool Stuff: Brandon Schaefer’s Movie Posters

25-year-old Massachusetts-based graphic artist Brandon Schaefer has created an impressive collection of retro-minimal movie posters. The Ghostbusters-inspired posters above have been making the internet rounds recently, but Schaefer has a huge portfolio of posters, some of which can even be purchased as prints on inPRNT.com. Check out some of his posters, after the jump.
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The First Slashfilm Muxtape!


With summer approaching and its plethora of open window/outdoor Net grazing, parties and, of course, blockbuster movies, we’ve decided to create a glorious soundtrack-themed Muxtape for our readership. All of the awesome songs streamed on the first Slashfilm Muxtape come from films we dig sans a certain mission statement from Patton Oswalt. I’ve arranged the Muxtape to go from enjoyably cheesy summer movie nostalgia explosion to Nextlevelsville. Hope you guys and gals like it, more Slashfilm movie anthems to come. And if you want even more jams, here’s my personal Muxtape page. Awww.


For the sake of archiving, we’ve included the first track-listing after the jump

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