Alex Proyas Kills Silver Surfer Rumor

I, Robot director Alex Proyas has denied rumors that he is attached to a big screen adaptation of The Silver Surfer.

“Unfortunately that is just a rumor. I don’t know where that came from,” Proyas told the crowd at Comic Con. “I do like Silver Surfer, but I’m not going to be doing it.”

Alex Proyas to Direct Silver Surfer Movie?

silversurferposterbig1.jpgMarvel producer Avi Arad revealed the following tidbit in article about super hero filmmaking in Australia:

Arad would not name the films he planned to shoot in Australia, but he did reveal he was attempting to hire an Australian director for one of the movies. He declined to say the director’s name, but there has been speculation Australian director Alex Proyas was being wooed to direct the film adaptation of another Arad project, ‘Silver Surfer’.

Alex Proyas’ filmmaking career starting off with a bang. It’s clear this guy is a talented filmmaker, evident in his first couple of films: The Crow and Dark City. He later went on to direct Garage Days and the big screen adaptation of I, Robot, both of which were not greeted with as much enthusiasm. I find it interesting that Proyas would even consider making a Silver Surfer film. I’m not quite sure why. May-be I think he’s better than that. Or may-be I’m taking an elitist view because he’s chosen to do big Hollywood films over his substance filled earlier work.

Silver Surfer

20th Century Fox must be expecting Fantastic Four 2 to make some big bucks this weekend. The bad reviews couldn’t stop the first film from selling tickets, and it seems like the studio believes they have another box office winner. The LA Times is reporting that Fox has already put a feature spinoff starring The Silver Surfer into development. According to the story, Babylon 5 scribe J. Michael Straczynski is already hard at work crafting the screenplay.

But will The Silver Surfer be able to carry a whole movie by himself? His character is certainly interesting enough (more interesting than Fantastic Four at least), and I’m more than confident in Straczynski. But I’m not quite sure that the public is ready for a comic book film where the hero is completely computer generated.