It’s legit at this point to wonder what things can be done better in video games than they can be in films. It is quite obvious, for example, that the story of an Italian plumber trying to rescue his love from a demon turtle is probably better off in gaming.

What about tales of government projects that result in humans that are altered, through technology or mutation, into some super-soldier that is then hunted by other soldiers? Games like inFamous and the Prototype series, whether fully satisfying or not, make the case that gaming is a better home for that type of story.

Just don’t tell the Bandito Brothers, aka the company behind the ‘real Navy SEALs’ movie Act of Valor. One of the Banditos, Andrew Will, is writing and directing a film called (ahem) The Prototype, and now a proof of concept trailer for the project has ‘leaked.’ Check it out below, especially if you’re a fan of the action game series mentioned above. Read More »