overlook film festival day three

There’s another day of repeat viewings left at the Overlook Film Festival as I type this up, but I’m rolling out of NOLA today and leaving it all behind. So long to the murderous humidity, blasting air conditioners, high calorie foods, and a vast sea of alcohol. My last day of the fest was day three, yesterday, which I spent indoors as much as possible. I also ended up partaking in the best the fest had to offer in the form of two movies – one of which I had already seen. The best event turned out to not be a movie at all, though. Instead, author Grady Hendrix returned to New Orleans to give Overlook attendees an early glimpse of his upcoming Paperbacks from Hell II: Think of the Children. The end result was one of the most entertaining experiences of my life.

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overlook film festival day two

Day two of the Overlook Film Festival unleashed, perhaps, the most humidity I have ever felt in my life, accompanied by a torrential downpour that did little to alleviate the heat. I kicked the day-off with a fest-sponsored ghost tour through the French Quarter, which introduced the perspiring crowd to several of NOLA’s famous haunts, including the infamous house where Delphine LaLaurie was said to have tortured and murdered several slaves (Kathy Bates played the historical murderess in American Horror Story: Coven).

The story of the LaLaurie house was gruesome to the max, involving horrific tortures no Hollywood filmmaker could dream up. The only relief in the tale came with the reveal at the end that none other than Nicolas Cage had lived in the house for a while (he sold it after he got into some hot water over taxes). From the ghost tour, it was off to the Museum of Death, a small but effective locale offering an alarming amount of memorabilia from real-life serial killers (Charles Manson’s prison shirt hangs on the wall). Think of it as Faces of Death: The Building. And then it was time to escape the heat for what we really came here for – movies.

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overlook film festival day one

The steaming, humid streets of New Orleans are once again packed with horror fans as The Overlook Film Festival returns to the Big Easy. Graphic tees, enamel pins, and sweaty foreheads are the fashion statements of the fest, as folks from far and wide line-up to catch a glimpse of several under-the-radar (and not so under-the-radar) fright flicks.

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