With the amount of remakes, reimaginings and retreads of old novels coming out of Hollywood, it’s stunning that no one has made a film adaptation of Ray Bradbury‘s uber-influential book The Martian Chronicles. Originally published in 1950, the collection of pseudo-linked short stories about humans leaving a devastated Earth to colonize Mars and all that comes with it, has had an almost infinite influence on science fiction and popular culture. Universal bought the film rights in 1997 but everyone from Steven Spielberg all the way down were unable to get the film off the ground. Those film rights recently reverted and found themselves up for grabs, so Paramount swooped in and will partner with producer John Davis, who owns the option to the material itself, to try and make Bradbury’s seminal work a reality. There’s more after the break. Read More »


Suddenly, space sells. Two stories today have it that Fox is launching back into the outer reaches of space, thanks to the success of Avatar. In addition to developing the sequel to James Cameron’s massively successful film, Fox 2000 is the lead contender to buy a spec called Ion, with Channing Tatum attached to star. Meanwhile, Fox-based producer John Davis has optioned Ray Bradbury‘s classic story collection The Martian Chronicles. Read More »