The Magicians Fillory and Further Review

The news a month or so ago that this season of The Magicians would be the last has magically made “Fillory and Further” not only the season finale, but the series finale as well. It’s hard to say goodbye to this world and the effed up magicians who inhabit it. But all good things must come to an end, and so last night we said farewell to Brakebills, to Fillory (especially Fillory), and to the magical world on Earth existing just beyond our mere muggle purview. For the last time, let’s sort through what happened this episode, and what it means for the characters we’ve come to love. 

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The Magicians Be the Hyman Review

We only have three weeks left of The Magicians, and the eleventh episode, “Be The Hyman,” is one of those connector episodes, responsible mostly for setting the stage for what will be the climatic finale to the series. This type of episode is often enjoyable but not too meaty; what makes this one better than average, however, are not only some good moments and some fun cameos, but also the exploration about the lengths the gang will go to do what they think is right. 

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The Magicians Purgatory Review

These last few episodes of this season’s The Magicians have taken on a bittersweet tinge after the news that Syfy hasn’t picked up the show for a sixth season. After last night’s episode, ironically called “Purgatory,” there are only two episodes left before what we now know will be the series finale on April 1. On the bright side, we can savor what we have left (including a musical episode that co-creator Sera Gamble has called the craziest one yet), and be thankful that the show’s five seasons will always be there, ready for us to re-watch whenever we want to reminisce with the characters we love.

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The Magicians Cello Squirrel Daffodil Review

There’s a lot of Chatwin action in this week’s episode of The Magicians, “Cello Squirrel Daffodil,” and not the usual appreciated cameo we usually get each season from the time-turning hedge witch, Jane Chatwin.

One newly introduced Chatwin we spend time with is Plum Chatwin, Penny23’s traveler student who reappears in Brakebills three weeks after she first disappeared trying to find the source of the mysterious signal she keeps hearing. Plum’s time away from Brakebills is a blur—all she remembers is a room with no windows and no doors—and Penny23 decides she should travel back to the room and take him with her to gather more information.

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the magicians canceled

The Magicians has cast its last spell. The beloved fantasy series has been canceled by Syfy after five seasons, with the show’s season 5 finale, set to air on April 1, now set to serve as the series finale. But it was a cancellation that creators Sera Gamble and John McNamara foresaw (no, not through some prophetic ability), which allowed them to craft the season 5 finale into a proper series finale.

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The Magicians Garden Variety Homicide Review

The Dark King’s gotta go. That’s what the gang in Fillory decide at the beginning of “Garden Variety Homicide,” this week’s latest installment of The Magicians. One member of the gang, however, is more conflicted about the planned assassination than the others. I’m talking, of course, about Eliot, who has gone and caught feelings for Seb (AKA the Dark King) and now can’t handle the thought of killing him. To make matters worse, the gang agrees that Eliot is the one best positioned to personally deliver the final blow, something he’s not sure he can do. 

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The Magicians Acting Dean Review

Just six episodes into the fifth season of The Magicians, and the gang has already saved the world. I suppose that’s a good thing—but what strife or calamity will keep things interesting for the back half of the season? 

Turns out, there are plenty of other things that are effed up enough to keep things interesting. For starters, magic is still messed up on Earth—the gang moved the moon to stop Armageddon, but in doing so screwed up spellcasting. Now, every time a magician tries to do magic, their spell goes wonky. Throw in the random magical surge or two, and magicians on Earth will now be risking their lives if they do magic. Don’t worry though—Alice is on the case. She’s researching a fix at Brakebills, where Penny23 has been made interim dean during Fogg’s absence. 

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The Magicians Apocalypse Now Review

Last night The Magicians gave us the gift of a two-parter, back-to-back episodes to entertain us and save us from the indignity of biting our nails while we waiting for days to find out how the cliffhanger at the end of “Apocalypse? Now?!” turns out. 

And what a cliffhanger it was—the gang in attempt to stop the harmonic convergence ends up accidently destroying the moon and setting Earth up for complete annihilation. How did the gang mess up so badly? They were sleep deprived, for one thing. In order to move the moon, the best option they had to stop the harmonic convergence, they three of them had to cast a spell with “moon brain,” which requires them to stay awake for five days straight. In order to achieve that moon brain, the gang holes up in their NYC headquarters to keep each other awake, although some are more successful than others in doing so. Enough of the gang gets moon brained up, however, and while they’re not sleeping, they manage to execute a heist to steal a piece of moon rock (another key component of the spell) from a billionaire magician most likely inspired by real-life Elon Musk.

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The Magicians Magicians Anonymous Review

After three episodes of dealing with (and for the most part, dealing with it well) the impact and ramifications of the Season 4 finale, this week’s episode of The Magicians, “Magicians Anonymous,” focused more on looking forward than dealing with the pain of the past. This shift in focus also caused the episode to be more plot-driven than character-based, but the change in pace is a good one, and the episode moves each storyline forward while setting up the Armageddon-level stakes for the rest of the season.

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The Magicians The Mountain of Ghosts Review

Grief is a lonely thing—something deeply painful and personal that can’t be fully shared with anyone, even if you’ve both loved and lost the same person. But even if grief can’t be completely shared and understood by another, it can be helpful to mourn with others. Alice and Eliot are the two characters on The Magicians who are suffering the most from losing Quentin. They both were in love with him, after all. And they are also the two who feel responsible for his death. 

Before this episode, however, (which is appropriately called “The Mountain of Ghosts”) we haven’t had the chance to see them grieve together. “The Mountain of Ghosts” gives us that chance, and Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) and Eliot (Hale Appleman) deliver the moment in one of the most excellently acted and heartbreaking scenes of the entire series. 

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