The Magicians The Wrath of the Time Bees

People grieve differently. Some, like Julia and Alice, want to take their grief and transform it into something productive, something that justifies the pain that they feel. Others, like Eliot, want to push away their grief (along with all their other feelings) by whiling the days away as a fatalistic drunk. There are as many ways to mourn as there are people, but oftentimes (at least in the case of The Magicians crew), grieving can cause people to do things that are, to put a fine point on it, reckless and stupid.

Alice, as is her modus operandi on this show, went and did something reckless and stupid with her grief in this season’s second episode, “The Wrath of the Time Bees.” After chiding Julia in the season premiere to stay from using dangerous magic to connect with Quentin, she casts a spell using living clay, Quentin’s book from the Library and A PIECE OF HIS SOUL in an attempt to resurrect him. She tells herself she’s doing this to get Quentin to translate a paper she found in his stuff at Brakebills—if she can understand this paper, she convinces herself, maybe she can complete something he didn’t have the chance to. 

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The Magicians Do Something Crazy Review

This post contains spoilers for the season 5 premiere (naturally), but also the season 4 finale.

Last season’s finale of The Magicians was a doozy for fans; Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), one of the main characters of the show, dramatically sacrifices himself in order to save his friends and bring magic back into the world. Death, especially in fantasy, can be an impermanent state of being. But showrunners Sera Gamble and John McNamara made it clear at the end of Season 4 that Quentin would very likely remain dead and gone.

Unsurprisingly, the impact of Quentin’s death is a major force in Season 5, and not only to those who loved Quentin and are grieving his loss; Quentin’s death also released an unprecedented influx of magic into the universe, and Earth as well as Fillory must now deal with the consequences. The last few minutes of the Season 4 finale touched on some of those potential consequences: Margo and Eliot are trapped in Fillory 300 years in the future; Julia gets her magic back because of her pain from Quentin’s death; and the now-broken Library is seeking help from a grief-stricken Alice. The beginning of this season builds on these developments and more—read on to get a spoiler-full take of what happens in Season 5’s first episode, “Do Something Crazy.” 

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the magicians season 5 trailer

The Magicians season 5 has a new trailer, and a release date to go along with it. The Syfy series based on Lev Grossman’s best-selling books returns in 2020, and will once again feature a cast of very good looking magicians dealing with dire consequences and all sorts of world jumping. The show is about to take a bit of a jump itself, as its main character, Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), has been killed off – and won’t be returning for this new season. So what happens next? Watch The Magicians season 5 trailer below.

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The Magicians Season 4 Finale Review


I came into the Season 4 finale of The Magicians ready for some major shit to go down, especially since showrunners John McNamara and Sera Gamble have been hinting that this finale will be particularly intense, and intense it was.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!

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The Magicians The Secret Sea Review

The two major story arcs this season of The Magicians—the journey of the Eliot-Monster and the Library’s steady descent toward fascism—come together in a murderous way this episode and tee up next week’s finale to be one full of more murders. Who will be killed next week, however, remains to be seen: Will the old gods die, hunted down by the Evil Eliot and Evil Julia? Will Quentin and Alice die as they face off against the evil siblings? Will Kady allow herself to be poisoned to death in order to be with Penny40 (was she the one Penny40 saw in the elevator in an earlier episode)? Will Eliot and Julia regain control of their bodies or will they become annihilated by the entities that possess them? Will Josh be a fish forever?

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The Magicians The 4-1-1 Review

“The 4-1-1” begins with a lot of the gang back together in New York City, a rare moment on this ensemble show, and one—given all the storylines that need to be tied up in the last three episodes—that’s necessarily short-lived. After Margo debriefs Quentin, Julia, Penny23 and Alice on her musical journey to the desert (she has ice axes to kick the evil god out of Eliot!), the crew splits into different groups again with seemingly disparate missions.

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Magicians All That Hard Glossy Armor Review

This season’s much anticipated musical episode of The Magicians has some great song covers, which range from sweet ballads to empowering anthems. On the softer side, there’s Hale Appleman serenading Summer Bishil with Al Jolson’s and Bing Crosby’s “Beautiful Dreamer,” as well as getting his groove on to The Pretenders’ “Don’t Get Me Wrong.” On the louder side, we have members of the gang (well, projections of the gang from Margo’s mind) triumphantly singing Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,” and Gnarls Barkley’s “Storm Coming.”

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The Magicians The Serpent Review

Like most episode titles of The Magicians, this week’s title, “The Serpent,” has many layers. There’s the obvious reference: The Serpent is the name of a magical terrorist group that is infecting hedge witches with earworms that make them boil to death from the inside if they do magic. But then there’s the subtler reference, a nod to the notion that many “serpents” in the world aren’t an evil, external force looking to do harm, but are things that live inside us, issues or facets of ourselves or what we believe that we must confront and deal with.

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The Magicians Home Improvement review

Several characters in “Home Improvement,” the title of this week’s funnier-than-normal episode of The Magicians, deal with some concept of home. First, there’s Fen, who does whatever she can for her homeland, even if that that means undergoing back-breaking yard work for the supposed prophet in her dreams. There’s also Alice, who must visit her mother to cast a location spell for Zelda, the Librarian who has her own home-related desire to find her daughter in the mirror realm. And then there’s a very-pregnant Poppy (a recurring character played by Felicia Day), who is expanding her own home — first by stealing dragon sperm to inseminate a dragon egg, and then by embracing the human baby growing inside her. Home for the gang is a fickle thing, something so flittering it’s hard to hold on to, yet something so powerful that it drives our characters to go great lengths to preserve (or push away). Read More »

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The Magicians The Side Effect Review

The Magicians is an ensemble show, with the gang of main characters flitting across interwoven storylines in perpetual battles to save their lives and/or magic. In “The Side Effect,” one of my favorite episodes this season, the roles that characters’ play gets flipped; the spotlight moves away from the core gang (Quentin, Julia, Margo, Eliot and Alice) and shines on four side characters: Zelda the Librarian, Fillory’s own Fen, the warrior-woman Kady, and the kinda dead Penny 40.

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