The last time we got a look at the set of Peter Jackson‘s two films based on The Hobbit, the focus of the video diary series had turned to the logistics of location shooting. Jackson has just released the first Hobbit video diary of 2012, and while he opens it with a tease of things we’re not allowed to see until 2013 — sets for Lake-town, perhaps? — this episode turns back to location work.

Unsurprisingly, that means there is a lot of talk and footage in this twelve-minute video dedicated to representing just how jaw-droppingly beautiful New Zealand is.

But you’ll also see Andy Serkis at work as the second unit director and get some info about how the remote second unit stays in touch with Peter Jackson. The logistics and scale of this production continue to impress — there’s nothing quite like the cinematic army that Jackson & Co. have assembled to bring Middle-Earth to life. Read More »