Zack Snyder

In April, Warner Bros announced that most of their tentpole films would be released in 3D (even if they weren’t shot using native 3D cameras). The first films to be announced for a post conversion 3D process were The Green Hornet and Zack Snyder‘s Sucker Punch. Since this year began, we’ve seen the release of three movies which utilized a post production 3D conversion, including Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (which planned for the process from day one), Clash of the Titans (which was rushed through the process and outsourced in a matter of weeks) and The Last Airbender (which everyone involved claimed they had enough time to “do it right”).

All three films presented varying levels of results, with most people in agreement that post-production 3D can be at best worthless (definitely not worth the 3D ticket surcharge) and at worst, disastrous. When Paramount Pictures forced Michael Bay to do 3D with Transformers 3, the filmmaker who has never wanted to film on video chose that option instead of the subpar post processing. A backlash has begun in the fan communities and is spreading into the mainstream moviegoers. Will Hollywood react?

Zack Snyder is now saying that he still is not sure if Sucker Punch will be released in 3D despite Warner Bros’ announcement.

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