Almost eight years ago director David Fincher optioned the movie rights to Eric Powell‘s Dark Horse comic book series The Goon, which started back in 1999. Over the years, Blur’s animated project has struggled to acquire financing. Back in 2013, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Powell said the comic book adaptation was still moving forward. The few hundred ground went towards paying for a feature-length story reel, which was meant to attract financiers. Since then, we’ve heard very little.

The Goon has been in development long enough that some may have forgotten that Deadpool director, Tim Miller, is co-directing the film. Well, Miller finally has an update on The Goon development.

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For the past few years we’ve watched as producer David Fincher, cartoonist Eric Powell, and Blur Animation Studio have worked to make an animated feature film based on Powell’s comic The Goon. The comic is a foul, funny, zombie ass-kickin’ thing that is worth a read, and deserves a place up on the silver screen a hell of a lot more than another damned Ice Age movie.

So Fincher and Blur have gone to Kickstarter to raise a few hundred grand to pay for the next stage(s) of development. That would be a featfure-length story reel to show people how the film will play.

Begging for money isn’t easy, but Fincher and Blur make it look like fun, at least. They’ve got a great pitch reel that will help kill off any image you have of Fincher as a dour guy, and it also has some new Goon animation featuring the voice of Paul Giamatti (still attached! as is Clancy Brown, to voice the Goon) as glib motormouth Franky. Check it out below. Read More »

Earlier this week, we reported on the apparent demise of the David Fincher-produced adaptation of Eric Powell‘s The Goon after star Paul Giamatti commented that the picture had run out of money. However, it now seems we were a bit too quick to give up on the long-gestating project. Powell has taken to his blog to address the issue, writing that “THE GOON FILM IS STILL ON THE TABLE,” and Giamatti and Fincher have since weighed in as well.

Long story short, the film’s still got a great many steps to go before it hits theaters — but it’s still very much clinging onto life. Read more after the jump.

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It’s a sad day for comic book fans, as we get updates that suggest two long-gestating adaptations, David Fincher‘s The Goon and Rawson Thurber‘s Elfquest, are no longer happening. Sure, they could get revived somewhere down the line — crazier things have happened — but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hit the jump for updates.

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With David Fincher doing a lot of interviews for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo over the past few days, there is a good amount of talk out there about the possible second and third films that could follow Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher doesn’t yet know if he’ll direct those films — or he isn’t yet saying, at least. That’s something that likely won’t be announced until after the film has its first opening weekend, which is coming up in a couple days.

Whether or not those films happen, there are quite a few other projects in Fincher’s queue. Some are movies he might direct, like the Cleopatra film that would star Angelina Jolie, and the pilot for the Netflix series House of Cards. He’s also got 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea on the docket, and he’s still working as a producer on films like Black Hole (based on the Charles Burns graphic novel, not the Disney sci-fi film) and The Goon. He has offered slight updates on all those projects in the past couple days, and we’ve rounded up his quotes below. Read More »

Good things come to those who wait; sometimes we just have to wait a very long time. Fans of Eric Powell‘s supernatural head-busting comic series The Goon may recall my enthusiasm for the Comic Con panel held for the comic in 2009. That panel was where we learned that Powell was still working with David Fincher to make an animated film based on the comic, and that Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti had agreed to voice the two main characters, the Goon and Franky.

A short test clip was shown in ’09, and it didn’t end up online until now. It’s a fun piece of animation; check it out below. Read More »


Media Rights Capital is turning into a film funding juggernaut, and one of the moves the company is making is to enable name-brand directors to make new movies under their own auspices. Just earlier today we talked about the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series The Night Chronicles, which MRC has been funding.

Now David Fincher is close to signing a two-film deal with MRC to produce two films (possibly more) of a yet to be defined character. Could this be how The Goon gets made? Read More »

Comic Con: The Goon Panel Impressions and Footage


Last year’s panel for The Goon, Eric Powell‘s odd comic book series about two friends who (to grossly over-simplify) live in a city infested by a plague of zombies, was unbridled insanity. This year’s panel was a lot more restrained, despite the presence of returning moderator Ben Garant.

This year it was all about the movie that is in development based on The Goon, so things were a little more restrained. Producer David Fincher was in the house, and while the panel wasn’t all business (by a long shot) it definitely focused more on what the movie might be and how it could get made than anything else. Read More »

Teaser Trailer: The Goon


…aaand we’re back with more (sorta) David Fincher news. But if you’re one of the many people irritated at the whole idea of Fincher remaking The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, you might be able to get behind this one. Here’s some of the first footage for The Goon, the CGI animated adaptation of Eric Powell‘s comic book series. You won’t see Fincher’s involvement (he’s producing) but you will hear Paul Giamatti as the voice of Frankie. (That’s the skinny chap in the a-shirt.) This is a preview of the stuff that will be shown at Comic Con in a few days, but for now it’s the only up to date Goon animation online. Read More »

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Peter’s got a massive Page 2 for you today, but here are three bites that didn’t make it. Each one is a small but significant update on a going project.

First up: the movie version of Eric Powell‘s comic book The Goon. Last we heard of this was at my favorite panel, bar none, from Comic Con this past summer. There, Powell showed off a couple of brief animation clips that demonstrated what the proposed movie version of his comic would look like. They looked great, and sounded fantastic. Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown contributed their voices to the clips, and we hope they’ll be cast in the film. Now Powell says the script is finished, and that producer David Fincher is still part of the project, though likely only as producer, rather than director. “David’s going to be heavily involved. I’ve worked with him and Blur [Animation studios] quite a bit to get the screenplay together, and it’s been a great experience so far.” [Comic Book Resources]

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