brothersposterThe /Filmcast: After Dark is a recording of what happens right after The /Filmcast is over, when the kids have gone to bed and the guys feel free to speak whatever is on their minds. In other words, it’s the leftover and disorganized ramblings, mindfarts, and brain diarrhea from The /Filmcast, all in one convenient audio file. In this episode, actor Clifton Collins Jr. stops by to chat with Dave Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley about his experiences on the sets of Extract, Crank: High Voltage, Brothers, and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which is out in theaters now. Brothers hits theaters on December 4th, 2009. Guest Matt Singer from IFC News and the IFC News Podcast also joins us for this episode.

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boondock-saints-2-posterThe /Filmcast Interview is a series of conversations with actors, directors, and other key figures from the entertainment industry. In this episode, David Chen speaks with director Troy Duffy about Overnight (the documentary chronicling his rise and fall in Hollywood), and about the long, winding, arduous path to getting the Boondock Saints back onto the big screen. The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day will be in theaters on Friday, October 30th.

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I had the opportunity today to speak with writer/director Troy Duffy, the man responsible for The Boondock Saints and the forthcoming The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. My full interview with him, where we discuss his reaction to Overnight and some of the lessons he’s learned since that film’s release, will be available online later this week. In the meantime, hit the jump for some exclusive new plot details about the script he’s going to try to make after Boondock Saints 2, entitled The Good King. Duffy described it as “markedly different” from Boondock Saints, a “period piece buddy comedy” whose comedic elements are as “dark as a starless night at the bottom of the ocean.” Assuming this thing ever gets made, you can assume minor spoilers ahead (I guess?).

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Boondock Saints 2 is Looking For Toronto-based Extras

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is currently filming in Toronto Canada. There is a call out to fans for hundreds of extras that are needed on Monday, November 10th 2008. Hundreds of Extras are needed to fill a church square in Toronto:

Metropolitan United Church
56 Queen Street E (Queen & Jarvis)
Monday November 10th, 2008 at 2:00pm

No head shot required, no paperwork needed, just show up and report to Siluck. No pay will be offered but they will be holding some give-aways for those in attendance. Thanks to /Film reader Wendy S for passing this along.

Troy Duffy is Video Blogging Boondock Saints 2

The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day is actually happening after all. In the past we’ve told you Troy Duffy‘s plans for the sequel but despite the fact that the filmmaker assured everyone that the film was actually happening, we were all a bit skeptical (as we should be, this thing has been in the works for a long time now). Production officially began last week in Toronto. Sean Patrick Flanery ( and Norman Reedus ( have returned as the McManus brothers. Some original characters (Billy Connolly, David Della Rocco, Brian Mahoney) are returning and some new characters (Clifton Collins Jr., JoJo Rhama, and more) will be introduced into the story. Duffy has been posting video blogs on his YouTube page. It’s a lot of Troy talking to a camera, with an occasional video posting where Troy or some of the actors answer questions.

Boondock Saints 2 Plot Revealed

It’s been four months since Troy Duffy announced that a Boondock Saints sequel had officially been given the green light. The video of the announcement was removed from Troy’s website within hours of going live. Troy appeared on WJFK 106.7 and confirmed that “barring an actors strike” the film is scheduled to go into production in August. Duffy revealed the plot of the second film:

“You kind of wonder what has happened to the brothers… They have been living way back in the valleys of Ireland with their father on a family run sheep farm, way beyond the reach of technology or men. Way out there. It’s been sort of a bucolic existence, hard working pioneer-esque type stuff. They have long hair and beards, and stuff like that. You get the sense that they’ve been hibernating to come back. And there is an event that transpires in Boston. A priest murdered in a church and the body is rigged to make it look like the Saints did it. The one guy that the brothers and father have contact with is Il Duce’s brother. So he gets the first notion of this, puts his jeep in gear and tells the brothers what happened. And without even thinking of it the boys are up and out of there … they cut their hair, digg up their rosaries, strap on their guns, and they’re gone! And Dad has to stay back because something is wrong with him, and you can tell he doesn’t have much time left. So when the brothers smuggle themselves back to the US, back to Boston, in a very understandable way. And one of the guys they meet along the way is a Hispanic American named Romeo. And Romeo ends up becoming like the third brother or saint, fourth I guess if you’re gonna consider Billy. He’s a lot more of a bad ass than Rocco was. But his comedy is that he wants to be a lot more a part of this. So there is a lot of humor that comes from that. He’s hopefully going to be played by a friend of mine named Clifton Collins, who was in Capote and Frankie Flowers in Traffic.”

“When they land they basically start killing everything that they think is responsible for that priest’s death. And Romeo has a connection to the Hispanic underground in Boston, which over the last ten years has become pretty exceptional. That is how they are finding their information this time, instead of from Rocco in the first one. So, we’ve got some great set pieces, some big gun play and new types of stunts. But, right off the bat, we have the same three detectives back. And they are confronted … because Williem is not going to be in the second one… He is dead right off the top, and his protege, she is named Unis Bloom, she is a George peach. She’s got that doc holiday accent, super super sexy. So she’s the one going after the saints and now working with these three officers. And she’s FBI. Now immediately, the cops from the first film, they were all in on it. They helped the saints at the end of the day, they crossed over to the dark side. And they don’t know if she knows or not. That’s something we play with throughout the film. There is no love interest by the way. A lot of people hear there is going to be a female lead in Boondock and think there is going to be some kind of love interest… don’t worry about that… That’s not happening. It’s a way to throw a curb-ball at the audience.” … “So for my money, you can’t just give them everything they loved from the first one. You have to give them a new story. She is that new story. She is one hell of a firecracker. She starts going with the cops, and this helps preserve something I loved about Boondocks 1, and fans have remarked about. Billy’s character Il Duce is the third act. He blasts the story wide open. And because we’re keeping him in Ireland, he gets to do the same thing here. He comes back in the third act. The brothers, everything you think is going on, isn’t going on. Here’s the guy that did this. And it ends up being an old guy who has a connection to Billy. And you sort of figure out where this has all been going. And we go into a period flashback and we explain how Il Duce got to be Il Duce.” … “all the way to the point where he makes the first version of that leather vest.”

“Rocco is actually coming back in a dream sequence, so you will see Roc.”

You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview on Geeks of Doom also has the first production dairy from the upcoming production. I’m excited for a sequel, but am still skeptical as to if the production will actually happen or not. I’ll believe it when the first day of principle photography begins.

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