Of course the big news this month is J.J. Abrams‘ hiring as the Episode VII director, but if you’re curious about what else is going on in the world of Star Wars we have several other odds and ends for you. After the jump:

  • Robert Rodriguez would direct a Han Solo spinoff
  • Cartoon Network will air LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles
  • Terence Stamp does not have fond memories of Episode I
  • George Lucas will appear in a doc about his daughter, who is an MMA fighter
  • Preview Hasbro’s new Star Wars Black Series action figure line
  • Keri Russell would love to reunite with J.J. Abrams (hint, hint)
  • And, oh look, StarWars.com has undergone a facelift.

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TMNT director Kevin Munroe says a “very not-so-subtle” sequel set-up is included in the films ending. The director also says he would love to include Shredder in the sequel if it happens: “I do have a deal to do a second one, we’ll just wait and see if it happens. I think it’s going to depend, it’s just all box office at this point.”

We spent most of the weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco. We weren’t able to cover EVERYTHING, but luckily our friends did. Got check out Mel Valentin’s three day report over at the Movie-Vault (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).

Spider-Man 3 star Kirsten Dunst in a tiny bikini on the beach. This isn’t exactly news, but I’m posting I’m posting it anyway.

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are FINALLY going public with their relationship. Snor.

Borat star Ken Davitian is the latest actor to join the Get Smart movie. He will play the evil assistant to Terrence Stamp’s character, the head of the nefarious organization known as KAOS.

Alan Arkin cast in Get Smart


Oscar winner Alan Arkin is reuniting with his Little Miss Sunshine co-star Steve Carell in the big-screen version of Get Smart. I’m glad to see that Arkin hasn’t sold out after getting that gold statuette.

Get Smart Arkin will play the chief of CONTROL, the rganization that fights the evil forces of KAOS. Anyone who has seen the tv show would agree that Arkin is a perfect fit for this role.

Previously reported: Steve Carell (40 Year Old Virgin) will play Maxwell Smart, and Anne Hathaway (Devil Wears Prada) will play Agent 99. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Agent 23) and Terrence Stamp also have been cast.

Seriously now, Get Smart was one of my favorite television shows as a kid (no, I’m not THAT old, I just had a childhood addiction to Nick at Nite) and I’m actually looking forward to this movie adaptation. The show was both smart and funny, and the movie has the talent attached, and potential to out spy Austin Powers. On the other hand, Bewitched was also one of my childhood favorites, and we all know how that turned out.

Tommy Boy and 50 First Dates director Peter Segal is helming the project.

Get Smart will hit theaters on June 20th 2008.