In today’s Sequel Bits, you’ll learn about a fourth film maybe in the making, a sequel that’ll never be and an animated spin-off that might still be in the works. After the jump read about:

  • Special effects legend Rick Baker possibly revealing details of a fourth Men in Black film.
  • Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) wrote a hard R-rated treatment for Ghost Rider 2 which was rejected by Marvel. And you can read it.
  • How one company is still hoping to make their feature-length animated Terminator film, Terminator 3000 despite being told otherwise.

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Late last night, when I posted the info about Hannover House attempting to create a new animated Terminator film called Terminator 3000, one question kept coming up: how do these guys have the rights to the franchise?

But the press release from Hannover addressed that question, saying that, as the rights had gone to Pacificor, LLC earlier this year, that outfit “retains approval and licensing authority” over the proposed film. In other words: “we’re going to announce that we’re making this, and hope Pacificor plays ball.”

As of today, Pacificor doesn’t seem to have come to a decision about whether this ball game is one it wants to be involved in. Read More »


Arkansas-based Hannover House is a company that seemed to come out of nowhere early this year, when it picked up the distribution rights to Joel Schumacher’s Twelve. (Er, good call on that one. Ahem.)

Now the company claims to be moving forward with a new production venture in conjunction with Red Bear entertainment: Terminator 3000, “a $70-million dollar budgeted, 3D animated feature film based on the characters and situations introduced in the original Terminator.” There is a link here between Hannover and the Terminator, and it’s not even quite as obscure as you might think. But the ideas behind the movie — beyond making money — are pretty damn obscure. Read More »