If you were eying your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds last night, you probably saw nothing but comments about how crazy the Dexter finale was. Being a bit behind on this season, I’ve just shut out all that chatter. But it makes this morning a good time to announce that Jennifer Carpenter has joined the cast of Hungry Rabbit Jumps, alongside Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce and January Jones.

The film follows a teacher (Cage) who “joins an underground vigilante organization” after his wife (Jones) is brutalized. Carpenter will play the best friend of Cage’s wife. The Roger Donaldson-directed film is in production now. [Variety]

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MTV’s Teen Wolf Remake is a TV Series?


When MTV announced plans a couple months ago to remake/reboot the Michael J Fox film Teen Wolf, I assumed the intent was to create a feature film. That evidently isn’t the case, as the network has ordered a pilot for a television series. What the hell does MTV plan to do with their high school lycanthropes? Read More »

Teen Wolf Remake In The Works. Sigh.


Sometimes it’s difficult to stay positive. Moviehole reports that Warner Brothers is in the early stages of putting together a Teen Wolf remake. They’re going out to writers now, so if you’ve got a comedic take that uses lycanthropy as an allegory for puberty, now’s the time to tell your story to a guy in a suit. Maybe you could argue for casting Jaden Smith, if he hasn’t already committed to be the male lead in an equally unnecessary Teen Witch remake. Read More »

VOTD: Wolverine ENTIRE MOVIE Leaked Online


As you know by now, the entire film X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been leaked online. In a shocking move of blatant copyright infringement, FunnyOrDie has posted the entire movie online for readers to stream. Watch the full movie embedded after the jump.
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Did a Background Extra Expose Himself in Teen Wolf?

Have you ever heard the story of how a background extra exposed himself in the ending scene of Teen Wolf? The moment in question comes at the end of the film when everyone runs off the bleachers to celebrate the basketball win. While Michael J Fox is kissing his girlfriend, there is an actor in the background who allegedly exposes himself while standing in the bleachers. Check out the clip above. What do you think?

As far as we can tell, the actor wearing the red sweater is actually an actress, and therefor couldn’t be “exposing himself”. Urban myth busted. Yes, she does appear to be caught with her fly down, and it somehow made it into the final cut of the film. I’m wondering if anyone actually knows the true story behind this situation.

Thanks to Videogum for reminding us of the incident.

VOTD: Summer of Tears in Teen Wolf

Summer of Tears in Teen Wolf

The Pitch: The Summer of Tears sketch comedy troupe invade the classic 1980’s Michael J Fox high school sports werewolf comedy Teen Wolf.

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Bad Ideas: Superman to star in Teen Wolf Remake

teenwolflong.jpgRemember the old Teen Wolf movies? The original 1985 Michael J Fox film was a staple in the 1980’s. Although a 5.3 rating makes us question our cinematic memories. DH is reporting that a remake is in the works with a female in the lead. And get this, Smallville star Tom Welling has been cast in a supporting role (romantic interest?). Canadian High Schools are being scouted for a 2007 shoot.

Teen Wolf Too, a lower budget sequel starring Jason Bateman, was released and quickly forgotten (the movie is currently on imdb’s bottom 100 movies of all time). A Teen Wolf 3 was even announced sometime before Teen Wolf Too was released, but due to poor box office of the second film it was never produced.

Let’s hope they don’t call this one Teen Wolf Again. Better yet, let’s hope the project falls into development hell.