Update 2/11/21: According to THR, Universal won a heated bidding war for the screen rights to Falling, paying $1.5 million and beating out other suitors including Neil Moritz, Jason Bateman, Matt Reeves, and Jerry Bruckheimer. Our original story from February 8 continues below.

You’ve probably never heard of T.J. Newman, and until a few days ago, Hollywood hadn’t either. But the rookie author is currently on the minds of several major players who are all jockeying for the rights to adapt her debut novel, Falling, into a film or TV show. The book, which is set on an airplane, has been described as “Speed at 35,000 feet” and sounds like a throwback to the kind of thriller that used to be commonplace in the 1990s, but that we’d love to see make a large scale comeback.
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