I have just been sent the first production photo from Emily Hagins‘ new movie, My Sucky Teen Romance, which is currently in production in Austin, Texas (wrap is scheduled for the beginning of September). Some of you might remember Emily from the popular filmmaking documentary Zombie Girl: The Movie, which Hagins attempt to film a feature length zombie movie at theĀ  age of only twelve years old. Emily is now 17 years old and for her third feature, she has chosen to script a teen comedy, but with vampires. Her latest effort has her biggest budget yet, and a number of local Austin professionals have stepped forward to help her achieve her vision on film.

“I’m really excited about this project,” said Hagins. “It’s the most professional crew I’ve ever worked with, which is enabling me to focus on getting great performances from the teen cast.”

I think the concept of the film is kind of clever. Where can real vampires prey in a world obsessed with fictional Vampires? How about a sci-fi convention filled with Twilight fans. The vampires don’t even need to disguise themselves, as they blend in with the vampire cosplayers walking the floor. Hit the jump to see the first production photo released from this independent production.

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