Star Wars - Han Solo and Chewbacca

For years, we heard rumblings and rumors about a live-action Star Wars TV show from creator George Lucas. We’d heard there were hundreds of scripts written or at least outlined, but it was simply too expensive to produce for television. The project was referred to as Star Wars: Underworld.

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, those scripts, hours and hours of new Star Wars content, were part of the package. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what Disney has planned for television (besides Rebels). Odds are, this show will never happen. The biggest clue is one of the writers, who is now part of an ambitious Indiana Jones Kickstarter project, has actually talked about the show on record. His name is Stephen Scaia and he explained that some of the stories were key elements of Han Solo‘s backstory. They explored events such as Han Solo meeting Chewbacca, Solo winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian, and more.  Read More »


Among the many films that game publisher UbiSoft has developed from its own internal properties is Ghost Recon, based on concepts from Tom Clancy novels. The games feature an elite, ultra-high tech US military force. The film rights are at Warner Bros., with Michael Bay developing and producing. And now the Y: The Last Man and Human Target writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia have been hired to knock the concept of the military unit into shape for a film. Read More »

In an instant, every man on planet Earth dies. Only women remain, which is fine by them, until they realize without men the human race doesn’t have a chance of surviving. That makes that fact that one man survived — one man on the entire planet — kind of a big deal. That’s the basic plot of Brian K. Vaughan‘s Y: The Last Man, a 60-issue comic book series that ran from 2002-2008. Hailed as a modern classic, it’s been on Hollywood’s wish list of comic book properties since 2006. However, the epic story and downer premise have made an adaptation near impossible.

Filmmakers have tried though. DJ Caruso was long attached with Shia LaBeouf aiming to star. Louis Letterier took a crack at it and, most recently, Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia were tasked with rewriting the script. It turns out New Line Cinema, which owns the rights, loves the duo’s take on the property and have now put the film back on the fast track. It’s a top priority and they’re currently meeting with directors. Read more after the jump. Read More »

There was every reason to figure we’d never see a film version of the comic series Y: The Last Man, created by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra. New Line has been developing the project for years, with script work put in by Carl Ellsworth, Jeff Vintar, and Vaughn, and D.J. Caruso once attached to direct. Louis Leterrier was interested as well.

But nothing ever got to the production stage. The 60-issue comic series tells the story of Yorick, a man who wakes up to find that something has killed every mammal on Earth with a Y chromosome. Except for Yorick, and a Capuchin monkey named Ampersand, that is. The two remaining males go in search of Yorick’s girlfriend, and complications naturally ensue. The story is so big that at one point the thinking was that nothing but a trilogy would suffice. That’s not an easy trilogy to convince a studio to finance.

Now New Line is trying again with Y: The Last Man, and has hired new writers for a fresh take. Read More »

Domain registration is such a wonderful source of information. Titles of films are revealed months ahead of schedule because studios need to make sure they own the URL’s for their upcoming films and all the information is out there for the taking. In the last week alone, we’ve gotten hints at the titles of the new James Bond film as well as a possible Doctor Strange movie because Sony and Disney were caught registering a bunch of domains.

Sony’s at it again, registering over twenty Zorro themed URL’s presumably in anticipation of their recently announced origin story, an adaptation of the 2005 novel Zorro by Isabel Allende with a screenplay Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia. If the URL’s are true, the studio is deciding between different iterations of three different titles: The Forging of Zorro, Zorro Begins or Zorro: The Legend Begins. Read more after the jump. Read More »

After two movies, Antonio Banderas can hang up his mask. Sony has just hired writers Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia to write an origin story reboot of Zorro based on a 2005 book by Isabel Allende. Blending fiction with actual historical events, the novel is written as a mock-biography telling how a young man raised in California moves to Spain and becomes the famous masked bandit. And though it seems like a pretty obvious take on the material, Zorro has never really had a true origin and at least it’s better than the “Zorro in the future” rumor that was floated earlier this year. There’s more after the jump. Read More »