Spider-Man 4

The cancellation of Spider-Man 4 still feels like a missed opportunity, especially after how The Amazing Spider-Man movies turned out. Sony pulled the plug on what could’ve allowed Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire to send Spider-Man out on a high note. Instead of waiting to get the script right, the studio decided to reboot quickly instead.

You might all recall what went down with the sequel, but ten years after Spider-Man 3 hit theaters, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and remember the Spider-Man sequel we wanted and never got.

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Before Sam Raimi set out on the gargantuan task of making Oz The Great and Powerful, he was working on two equally huge and highly-anticipated films: Spider-Man 4 and World of Warcraft. Spider-Man 4 was set to right the wrongs Raimi and crew made on the third film, but eventually he and all his stars left the project. That opened the door for Marc Webb’s reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Raimi was also developing an adaptation of the popular game World of Warcraft, with an eye on directingEventually, he left that project too. Duncan Jones is now set to helm.

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From Superbad to Zombieland and Easy A, Emma Stone‘s big screen presence has been as a redhead. So when she dyed her hair blonde for her role as love interest Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb‘s Spider-Man reboot, it was news. Now, the latest in Emma Stone hair news is that she’s going to have to stay blonde for a while as she’s apparently signed on for “a few” sequels. And the first Spidey film, scheduled for release on July 3 2012, is currently shooting in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Times dropped a bunch of information both on shooting locations for the film as well as its budget. Read more about all of the Spidey news after the jump. Read More »


While visiting the sweltry set of Red this month, /Film had the pleasure of hanging and chatting a bit with John Malkovich. The iconic actor’s thoughts on the 2010 Warren Ellis comic book adaptation remain under wraps, but Malkovich also took a sec to extend on his rumored involvement in Sam Raimi‘s (thankfully?) never-to-be Spider-Man 4. In what seemed to be the first official confirmation straight from the actor—mark your journals—Malkovich divulged he was to battle Tobey Macguire as the winged super-villain The Vulture. After the jump are his quotes on the once upon a role. (Sure, it’s the geek equivalent of a GF pondering last night’s crazy dream about a labyrinthian mall…but better.)

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Sony Confirms Spider-Man Reboot Will Be in 3D


Sony Pictures has confirmed that the upcoming Spider-Man reboot will be distributed in 3D. The studio hasn’t revealed if the movie will be filmed using 3D cameras or be converted in post production. I assume the former, since the decision is being made during pre-production. The new movie which still remains untitled (I’m betting on “The Amazing Spider-Man“), will begin production later this year directed by (500) Days of Summer helmer Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt. Sony has also announced a July 3rd 2012 release date. You can read the full press release, after the jump.

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Easily the biggest news to hit in recent weeks was the word that Sony has scrapped production on Spider-Man 4 and will reboot the character with a new film (and, presumably, an ensuing series) featuring a new cast and creative team. A general 2012 date has been mentioned, but no specific date has yet been set; expect the studio to stake a claim in May, and for any other films in that region to shift accordingly. Will Sony battle Marvel, which has The Avengers penned in for early May? You bet.

With such big news hitting early in the week, outlets are already crawling around looking for tidbits of info, and there are a few useful things to know about Spider-Man v2.0 that we didn’t cover in our first report. Read More »


WHOA. As I mentioned earlier, Nikki Finke just recruited Variety’s chief newshound Mike Fleming, and now the new duo are coming out of the gate with a massive story. Their first big report is that Sony is scrapping Spider-Man 4 after script and schedule concerns caused Sam Raimi to walk away from the film. The scuttled sequel has already been confirmed by a Sony Pictures press release, and the studio will now go for a full franchise reboot. New director, new cast. Details after the break. Read More »


Spider-Man 4 has been beset by rumor and delay of late, most of which seems to center around the villain for the piece. Director Sam Raimi reportedly hated the last script draft, and wants to hinge the film on classic bad guy the Vulture. Sony has been said to want any other character as the antagonist.

And in the midst of all this, John Malkovich was reportedly cast, or at least eyed for the Vulture. Now he’s told an Italian sports show (of all things) that he’s waiting for a new draft of the script, which would seem to suggest that he is on board in some capacity. At least for now. Read More »


Earlier this week, we reported on possible production delays for Spider-Man 4 which pushed the film off of its May 5th, 2011 release date, and to a potential July date instead. That Thor was also scheduled for that May 5th weekend probably also made that date less than ideal. Now we have some details from the star of franchise, Tobey Maguire — who doesn’t seem too worried about any production problems.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

It seems like just yesterday that industry sources confirmed that script problems would probably keep Spider-Man 4 from hitting the announced 2011 release date. Oh wait, it was just yesterdayBox Office Mojo is now reporting that Marvel’s Thor has moved from the planned May 20th 2011 date to Spider-Man 4‘s May 5th 2011 slot. This gives Thor the big tentpole date of the summer. And while Spidey is still listed for the same date, we’re sure that will be officially changed real soon.

And with an opening in Thor’s old date, Disney has decided to move Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides into the May 20th 2011 release date. The film had previously been stuck with a Summer 2011 TBA slot.