Sky disclaimers

Sky, the United Kingdom’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, has added new disclaimers in front of movies like Aladdin, The Last Samurai, The Jungle BookFlash Gordon, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to warn potential viewers that the films contain “outdated attitudes” that could end up offending them. Could this become common practice in the United States, too? Read More »

sky productions

The Comcast-owned British TV broadcaster Sky has halted all drama productions filmed internationally until 2021. The pause comes amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has shut down productions across the world indefinitely, but with the hopes of restarting sometime this year. However, with Sky setting a date for next year — impacting shows like the Mark Strong thriller Temple — this hammers in the wide-reaching effects of the pandemic.

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the time machine series

There’s never a bad time for time-travel, especially the mother of all time-travel stories. H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine is receiving another adaptation courtesy of the European network Sky. Sky is currently developing a The Time Machine TV series with plans to air it on the Sky Atlantic channel, and potentially exporting it to premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime.

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Gareth Edwards TV Show

After making a splash with his relentless action films The Raid and The Raid 2 and preparing to jump to the blockbuster big leagues with the upcoming Deathstroke, director Gareth Evans is making his first foray into the small screen.

This time, Evans is tackling a gangland drama set in contemporary London for HBO’s Cinemax and Sky networks.

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