After some scary months in which it seemed nobody much would ever get a chance to legally see Nina Paley‘s wonderful, wonderful Sita Sings the Blues, the film is now available for free streaming on the Reel 13 website – and if you don’t fancy a lower-res streaming version, completely legal HD and film resolution torrents are on the way, WNET 13 in New York (the owners of the above site) will be showing the film on TV on March 7th.

The film mixes animated biography, comedic riffs on The Ramayana, a chorus of shadow puppets and some wonderful musical moments. Paley’s tag line reads “The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told”. I have to add that it features most of the truly innovative twists on the typical Flash animation aesthetic that I’ve ever seen.

The reason the film is getting a completely atypical release is sad and fascinating but also a little bit complex – my abridged version after the break.

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