Here’s a Marvel post that isn’t based on rumor or innuendo: we know that Marvel has plans for movies beyond The Avengers, but right now they’re pretty opaque. Ant Man has long been a possibility, but we know little about that, and there have been plenty of Doctor Strange stories, with screenwriters even hired. Now Marvel’s Kevin Feige is on camera talking about characters that he’s considered for screen treatment, and they include expected second-stringers Iron Fist and Black Panther. Read More »


When Samuel L. Jackson was signed to a nine-film deal by Marvel, you had to bet that part of the attraction of the deal was that he’d eventually get a pretty big role, if not a star turn, in one of the studio’s projects.

So far, Jackson’s Nick Fury has been a small part of the Iron Man films, and we know he won’t appear in Thor. But he will be in Captain America, and is likely to be a big part of The Avengers. Going beyond that, Jackson says we should expect a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie to follow Marvel’s team picture. Read More »


Here’s a bedtime story about, amongst other things, economies of scale.

After appearing in the post credits geek-tease on Iron Man, Sam Jackson‘s Nick Fury was slated for a bigger, better showing in the next installment. Seemed like a sure thing, until Jackson himself cast the assumption into doubt. Other stories started surfacing about cost-cutting or, at the very least, an unexpected sense of budgetary pragmatism in the Marvel movie bursary (Don Cheadle in, Terrence Howard out, Mickey Rourke in, out, in, out and shake it all about). Our collective popcorn dreams of more Samuel-powered Fury seemed to be a burst bubble…

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