intimacy coordinators

Systemic problems in Hollywood can be so widespread that they feel too big to overcome. But sometimes, change can be sparked by just one person speaking up.

The Deuce actress Emily Meade has inspired HBO to hire intimacy coordinators on all of its productions to serve as an intermediary between the actors, directors, producers, and crew during intimate scenes and ensure a safe and protected working environment. Previously, actors could often be left to their own devices while filming sex scenes, but at HBO, there will now be an advocate on set with them to make sure everyone is on the same page about what’s going to happen when the cameras roll.
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The Best Movies Of Sundance Film Festival History

The Sundance Film Festival isn’t just a film festival, but a look into the future of cinema. As we travel to Park City Utah this year, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at the last 30 years of the festival. Today I begin part one of my two-day, two-part look at the best movies of Sundance Film Festival history. In part one I will focus on the first 15 years of the festival* as the small independent film festival grew into the launching pad for new filmmakers and ground zero for the independent movie boom of the 1990’s.

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Steven Soderbergh commentaries

If you want to have a great weekend, listening to a bunch of Steven Soderbergh commentaries isn’t a wrong way to go. His tracks are as varied and as entertaining as his movies. While some filmmakers try to retain some mystery about their process or films, Soderbergh goes in the opposite direction. He is an open book.

Soderbergh has recorded so many great commentary tracks throughout his career and I’ve maybe listened to a third of them. My hope is to have heard all of them by some point – tou can learn more than a thing or two listening to him talk over his movies. I’d recommend all the Steven Soderbergh commentary tracks I’ve heard, but here’s four that might not be a bad place to start.

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