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I know we’re a bit late on reporting this, but after listening to Adam WarRock’s excellent Scott Pilgrim rap recap, I just had to share it with you all. The song recaps the first five volumes of Scott Pilgrim in five minutes with some awesomely geeky rhymes. It also recently got some love from director Edgar Wright and  Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, so you know its nerd-approved.

WarRock has a habit creating geeky rhymes that don’t fall into the typical nerdcore category. I also recommend checking out his song about Ira Glass — it’s particularly endearing if you’re a This American Life nerd like me. He’s currently working on a studio album for Fall 2010. He also runs a comic book podcast with his War Rocket Ajax crew.

Take a listen to “I Gotta Believe”, the Scott Pilgrim recap, after the break. You can also listen to it at WarRock’s Tumblr site.

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First Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Teaser Trailer


After a series of sometimes unbelievably cheeky teases, the first teaser trailer for Edgar Wright‘s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has been released onto the internet. This is clearly just a teaser, and there’s obviously going to be more work needed in getting mainstream audiences as hooked for this as the geek faithful, but it’s really looking exactly like this film has the stuff. Witness all of the seven evil exes, some incredible glimpses of just-what-we-wanted action and a few whisps of the actual drama, relationship-based stuff that’s going to house all of the sound and fury.

Watch the trailer after the break.

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In devising the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Edgar Wright has chosen specific bands and artists to sub for the fictional musicians of the comic strip. Pilgrim’s band Sex Bob-omb have had their tunes supplied by Beck, Broken Social Scene will be providing the noise of Crash and the Boys and Metric were tapped to bring The Clash at Demonhead to life, at least in terms of the music they make.

Today, Metric have made their first Scott Pilgrim track available via their Facebook Fan Page. It’s simple enough – you become a fan and the streaming player is activated. The song is called Black Sheep and while it was not written specifically for the film, it seems that this recording was done specifically for the soundtrack.

One such fan has already commented on the song featuring guitar whereas the band in the strip don’t have the instrument in their live line-up. Hardly a deal-breaker is it? Indeed, I’m relieved that Wright is fiddling with the fine details and hope he’s not held back at all in his adaptation. There’s not much I find more disappointing than a slavish big screen translation of a comic or novel that just wasn’t going to work unaltered in cinema.

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We’ve known for some time that Edgar Wright’s upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World adaptation would be based on all of the Bryan Lee O’Malley graphic novels (the sixth, and final book, is due out this year), but we’ve yet to hear if that meant there was absolutely no possibility of sequels. In a recent chat with Collider for Youth in Revolt, Michael Cera mentioned that he hasn’t signed for a sequel and hasn’t heard any other sequel talk either.

It’s not entirely surprising, but don’t be shocked if the film is wildly successful and O’Malley decides to continue the story like Frank Miller did for the upcoming 300 sequel, Xerxes.

Edgar Wright Wants To Make Baby Driver Next


While Edgar Wright continues to shoot, vlog and photoblog his way through Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, we in the geekosphere are getting slightly ahead of ourselves. Just what, we desperately want to know, will his next picture be? Will it be Ant-Man, the one Marvel movie so far announced that I can muster genuine giddy excitement for? Will it be the final installment in the Blood and Ice Cream/ Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, following Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and so far known as The World’s End? Or will it be, as I’ve already suggested in a larger, bolder font, up there, his action/crime movie Baby Driver?

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Scott’s Pilgrims In Action


Unofficial paparazzi pictures from the shoot of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World have been turning up and then vanishing again on any number of Candian blogs and news sites. Most of them had been removed within just a couple of hours of posting, and those that did remain were definitely of the “candid” variety – ie; everybody’s stood around sucking cancer out of little burning sticks, everybody’s trying to drown themselves in coffee, nobody’s actually in hipster martial arts garage band action.

Thank you then, Edgar Wright, for your continued dedication to photoblogging. Over at Wright’s recently founded official site – which has now totally superceded his all but dead MySpace blog – he’s quietly carrying on, sharing at least one high quality image a day. Now that principal photography is in full swing, we’re even getting snaps of actors in costume, on set and possibly even in character. My favorites from his last two bulletins come after the break.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has finally entered principal photography today and, true to form, the long lens brigade have cracked off a few snapshots of the cast. Canadian Tabloids have pictures of Michael Cera as Pilgrim, Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells, Chris Evans as Lucas Lee and Alison Pill as Kim Pine. None of them are actually in character in any of the shots (well, I’m guessing not – does Cera strike you as being method?) but they are in costume, with hair and makeup done and that’s the best we’ve been given yet. (Editor’s Note: The photos have been removed)

There’s a little look at each of them below the break (and I do mean little) as well as details of Dakota Fanning‘s apparent casting in the movie.

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The photo above goes out to all the girls of the world who go nom nom nom for Michael Cera. This is a demographic that is growing exponentially. I even know a gal who left a guy to venture out in search of Juno’s lithe and witty impregnator. So, given this bewildering trend, it’s only fitting that Cera (Superbad) is in final negotiations to star in the titular role of Edgar Wright‘s Scott Pilgrim’s Little Life, a promising adaptation of the hipster comic book about a Canadian bass player who must defeat his dream girl’s seven evil exes in order to, you know, make out.

In Bryan Lee O’Malley‘s comic, the “League of Ramona’s Evil Ex-Boyfriends” is possessed with varying evallll superpowers ranging from “vegan psychic powers” to “summoning demon hipster girls at will.” And apparently one these exes is a vixen who is half-ninja. You know, from college. Also of note, Pilgrim, who is straight, has a gay roommate named Wallace and they share a bed. Hopefully Clark Duke (above) who played Cera’s roommate in the quite amusing Clark and Michael (re: watch) gets a text to join. Writer/actor Michael Bacall, Wright and O’Malley adapted the script, and filming is slated to begin in the fall.

While lots of fanboys were hoping that Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) hopped onto Marvel’s Ant Man next, the addition of Cera to this project makes me think it could be quite \m/. Moreover, Michael Cera starring in a flick that will get him a permanent seat in the Illustrious Skybox of ‘Tang is good for all of us geeks, hipsters and Sexman alike. Indeed, I’d go so far as to say that Cera is deserving of the lead in that o-so-holy and manly of remakes: Fletch.

Discuss: Why is Michael Cera such a friggin’ babe magnet? Does Scott Pilgrim’s Little Life run the risk of being, erm, Juno: Hipster Slayer? Good move for Wright?

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