Vertical TV

Well, it finally happened. Someone made a vertical TV. Taking note of how often those darn kids watch videos on their phones in portrait mode, Samsung has created the Sero – a TV that flips into portrait mode and connects to your mobile device. Which means youths can watch their Snapchats, and Instagrams, and TikToks and whatever the hell else it is they watch, on a big screen. The future is here, and it’s bad!

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Samsung iTunes App

Apple has a new streaming service with original content on the way. If they want to lure in new customers who want to watch, they’ll have to start playing nice with other companies by giving them the ability to play iTunes movies and TV shows, something that has been exclusive to Apple devices for years now. A new announcement from Samsung indicates that’s exactly what Apple is starting to do.

Samsung revealed over the weekend that their 2018 and 2019 Smart TVs would support AirPlay 2 or iTunes movies and TV shows. Keep in mind that’s only one company out of several that need to play nice with Apple to expand the customer base for their subscription service, but that’s a huge deal that no one ever thought would happen. Read More »