Sammy Jankis Shares His Thoughts on Inception


Before he started The Tobolowsky Files with yours truly, actor Stephen Tobolowsky guest co-hosted the /Filmcast several times, to great effect. That’s why I was curious to hear his thoughts on Inception, seeing as how he was one of the most important components in the film that made Christopher Nolan great. Last night, I fired up the Skype for a completely unprepared, impromptu recording and Stephen and we chatted about the film’s effectiveness and its themes for half an hour. Apologies: The thoughts are even more disorganized than usual (with several unrelated tangents, like the overuse of montages in The Last Samurai), and the audio is rough since I wasn’t using my usual setup for the podcast. But for the die-hard Inception fans who just can’t get enough talk about the film, you may find something here to enjoy. Hit the jump for the audio.

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