Resident Evil 4 Trailer on Nightmare

Milla Jovovich

Briefly: Actress Milla Jovovich revealed on Twitter that the teaser trailer for Resident Evil 4 will be attached to A Nightmare on Elm Street, which hits theaters on April 30th.


Shock Till You Drop has some exclusive bad news: Screen Gems and Sony are racing to get another Resident Evil film in the can for release on September 17, 2010. Given the end of the third film, participation of Milla Jovovich is likely, and we know that Paul W.S. Anderson (director of the first film, writer and producer of all three previous movies) is writing this one, and will likely produce but not direct. What more is there to say? A little bit, actually, and it’s after the jump. Read More »

Do we really need another Resident Evil sequel? Paul W.S. Anderson thinks so. Of course, he isn’t known for his good ideas, or filmmaking skills, or… well, all he he’s really known for is having made some really shitty genre films. The director tells the Sunday Sun that he’s writing “an¬†adaptation of the Long Good Friday right now, set in present-day Miami. Then I will probably write Resident Evil 4.”

It was reported a while back that he was in talks to make another film, but this looks like the first confirmation that he’s going to give it a go. Hey, at least he’s not trying to direct a new Beverly Hills Cop or remake Conan. The Resident Evil franchise is like a little doggy cage, keeping him busy while also keeping hims from finding new projects to ruin.