Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro is building a carnival over at Amazon. Many years ago Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham sold a script called A Killing on Carnival Row, and Guillermo del Toro was soon attached to direct. That film never happened, and other directors such as Tarsem and Neil Jordan flirted with making the movie, which is scripted as a noir-influenced fantasy mystery set in a city that is somewhat like London of centuries past. Now the project has been revived, but as a series for Amazon rather than a feature film. Read More »

Plenty of offices around the country have already begun winding down for the holidays, but apparently Showtime and HBO had a few things to get out of the way first. Meanwhile, Fox is still holding out on a decision on Terra Nova til the new year — though the producers are apparently feeling optimistic. After the jump:

  • HBO renews Enlightened, axes Bored to Death, Hung, and How to Make It in America
  • Showtime drops a trailer for Shameless Season 2
  • Dexter showrunner Scott Buck talks about the finale’s climactic moments
  • Homeland exec producers discuss the tense first season finale
  • Terra Nova producers are “guardedly optimistic” about the show’s chances for a second season

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‘True Lies’ TV Series Lands at ABC

James Cameron‘s Lightstorm Entertainment is developing a television series based on (or spinning off from) the film True Lies, and the show will now air on ABC. When we reported on the development earlier this past week, we knew very little — only that Lightstorm and Cameron were producing with Rene Echevarria (The 4400, Castle) as writer and showrunner. 20th Century Fox TV is still involved, though ABC will now air the show.

This is the spot where I could recap the plot of the original film, in which family man / government agent Arnold Schwarzenegger gets his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) involved in a plot to take out terrorists with nuclear ambition. But (a) you probably know the plot and (b) we have no idea how closely the TV show will relate to the film. Cameron lovers, go ahead and hope that he’ll direct the pilot. Stranger things have happened, and Cameron did direct the end of Dark Angel, the earlier series he produced… [Deadline]