Unless Star Wars fans have a VHS or laserdisc player handy, there’s no way to legally watch the films we all grew up and loved as a kid. What we’re left with are the memories of how those movies made us feel. Images that are burned on our brain. Ways we’ve integrated those feelings into our adult lives. For some, Star Wars inspired them to make movies or television. For others, it made us want to write about them. And we’ve surely wrote plenty about artists who’ve interpreted the saga in unique and beautiful visual ways. Mondo did a whole series with 20 different artists highlighting exactly this.

Hold Up Art in Los Angeles is doing the same thing with two very different, but equally interesting, artists. They’re currently presenting Art From A Galaxy Far Far Away, featuring Star Wars themed art by Lucasfilm illustrator Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez. Check out their extremely different work, and all the gallery info you need, after the break. Read More »