After months of investigation, criminal charges have finally been filed related to the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones while filming the Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider. Jones was killed when a train traveled down the tracks upon which the Midnight Rider crew was working at the time. Now director Randall Miller and producers Jody Savin and Jay Sedrish have been charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass in the Wayne County, Georgia superior court. Read More »

Beach Boys Biopic ‘The Drummer’ Cancelled


Back in 2012, The Beach Boys biopic The Drummer had an incredible cast. Aaron Eckhart, Vera Farmiga, Rupert Grint and Chloe Grace Moretz were all attached to tell the story of Dennis Wilson, the band’s drummer who met a tragic end. Filming was set to start in June 2012 but Eckhart, who had been learning Beach Boys songs for six months, decided to pull out at the last minute. That delayed the film indefinitely and now another blow has all but cancelled it. The estate of Dennis Wilson has decided they no longer want the film to be made. Read More »