Kevin Smith made big waves at Sundance last year when he showed up at the fest with his horror film Red State, the distribution rights to which he said he’d sell at auction. But the auction was mostly an act, and Smith sold the Red State distro rights to himself. That left a lot of people angry, but the move turned out well for Smith: he took Red State on the road and recouped his costs on the film. Red State had a small ‘traditional’ theatrical run and a good VOD and digital release thanks in part to a deal with Lionsgate.

Smith said that he wanted to apply the same sort of roadshow distribution model to other indie films, and today, on the one-year anniversary of his Red State debut, he has announced a new deal for his label SModcast Pictures. The label which will work with Phase 4, which released Red State in Canada, to distribute up to twelve films a year in the US and Canada, with up to four of those films getting the roadshow treatment used for Red State.

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