It’s hard to hide from domain registration. In today’s Internet culture, URLs, Twitter handles and Facebook pages are a huge part of a film’s marketing strategy and it is paramount that studios acquire them before an official title is released. This way they won’t be squatted, or hilariously spammed, which happened to Sony this weekend.

Sometimes studios register domains on the off chance a project gets made. In other cases, domain registration can reveal a project’s title or existence way before it’s ready for public knowledge. For example, the title of the new James Bond film Skyfall was revealed a month before the official announcement and Marvel has domains for movies like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man years before those projects are likely to be made.

There’s your context, here’s your news. Lucasfilm has registered several domains revealing a project called Star Wars: Identities and Paramount just registered a few for something called Phantoms. What could these projects be? Explore the options after the jump. Read More »