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My introduction to CollegeHumor.com went a little something like this: I was drunk in my college newspaper’s office, eating two-day-old Sbarro pizza and my desk line rang. “I’m calling again from CollegeHumor. When are you going to review the big foam Shocker hand we sent you?” For some reason, this turned into a pretty amazing argument. Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld work at CH, which is now an 800-pound online gorilla, complete with a CHTV offbranch that consistently offers hilarious and original video content, and simmers with some of the best young comedic talent around.

Here at Slashfilm, we’re fans of Jake and Amir’s web show, Jake and Amir. The premise is simple: inside the NYC HQ of CH, Amir eats McDonald’s chicken nuggets and bugs the fuck out of Jake until an affable Jake is forced to confront his co-worker like a hyperactive rash with 500 heads. It’s like Peter and I playing Mortal Kombat II x angel dust. We decided to ask Jake and Amir about their tastes in movies for a little feature we call The Playlist. It was difficult.

/Film: One of the things I dig about CollegeHumor and CHTV is your staff’s respect for and interest in the tradition of American Comedy, going back to Del Close, National Lampoon, and the start of SNL. What movie comedies do you guys consider your favorites, and which ones first inspired you? And why.

Amir: Citizen Kane, 1941, The Godfather, 1972…

Jake: You can’t just list off the AFI’s top 100 movies of all time. What comedy first inspired you?

Amir: Great question. Little Nicky. You?

Jake: I think Slackers is a really underrated comedy, and I really love Swingers.

Amir: In terms of comedy I think I was inspired more by television than movies. That being said, my three favorite comedies are South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, Wet Hot American Summer, and Little Nicky. Just kidding. And Top Secret.

/Film: For Amir, do you love any movie—comedy or otherwise—more than McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets? Do you sneak nuggets into the theater?

Amir: I only eat popcorn in movies.

Jake: Popcorn chicken.

Amir: Right. What do you think I meant?

Jake: Just popcorn.

Amir: What is that?

/Film: On the web show, Amir entertains the idea of creating a TV show called Ace and Jocelyn: Astronaut Accountants in Outer Space. He even sacrifices getting laid in your recent “Hallie” mini-series—which was twice thrilling—due to his dedication to it, and possible mass-delusion. Pretend I’m a TV god who can give you guys the greenlight and fulfill Amir’s dream. What’s the golden pitch, and what show do I cancel and replace with yours?

Amir: I’m offering you a TV show that’s funnier than Seinfeld, more suspenseful than Lost, and longer than Mad Men. Why do I even need a pitch?

/Film: Would you rather…watch The Love Guru once a day for the rest of your life while getting licked by 30 cats or watch Kingpin once a day for the rest of your life while giving a movie-long foot massage to Eric Stoltz made-up as 1985’s Mask?

Amir: I guess The Mask. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

Jake: That wasn’t an option.

Amir: Oh, okay. I see. Well I’ve already seen Kingpin, so I guess Love Guru.

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