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Two years ago, Julia Marchese had an idea and a job at a movie theater. Today, she’s got a movie. Out of Print, a film about the preservation of 35mm at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles, CA is about to hit the festival circuit and now has an official trailer and poster.

With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Marchese was able to score interviews with the likes of Patton Oswalt, Edgar Wright, Rian Johnson, Joe Carnahan, Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Joe Dante, Mark Romanek, John Landis, Lloyd Kaufman, Fred Dekker, Richard Kelly and more. They all talk about memories made at the New Beverly as well as the important of 35mm film. Plus, for when it finally starts screening, Marchese actually had a 35mm print of the film made. How cool is that?

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Here’s some great news about two films centering on repertory theaters. Last year, we highlighted Morgan White‘s documentary called The Rep which uses the story of three friends who started a theater in Toronto to contextualize the state of the rep theaters today. Well that movie is now done, has a new trailer, poster and is being submitted to festivals. You can see it all after the jump.

Then last week, you might remember, one of the theaters featured in The Rep, the New Beverly in Los Angeles, had another movie possibly being made about it. It’s called Out of Print and the director, Julia Marchese, only had a few more days to reach her Kickstarter goal making the project a reality. That has now happened. Two documentaries about cinemas coming soon to a cinema near you. How meta and cool. Read more below. Read More »

Help Make New Beverly Documentary A Reality

No matter where you live, you’ve likely heard of The New Beverly Cinema. It’s a repertory house in Los Angeles, CA, partially owned by Quentin Tarantino, that has some of the best programming in the world: $8 double features, frequent Q&A, films programmed by famous filmmakers, Mondo events, you name it and the New Beverly has done it.

For example, tonight they’re playing Dog Day Afternoon and Network. Over the next week they’ll play Federico Fellini’s I Vitelloni paired with films it influenced like Mean Streets, American Graffiti and Diner. Next week, a David Lynch retrospective begins. Come on now.

One of the theater’s employees is raising money to make a documentary about the historic theater that’ll hopefully ensure the theater stays around for years to come. But they need the help of film fans everywhere. The film is tentavely called Out of Print and you can read more about it, and donate to its KickStarter campaign, by clicking that link.

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