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(Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where, a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime.)

The term “superhero fatigue” is usually brought up and discussed when a new superhero movie hits theaters. Now that we have no superhero movies (or movies of any kind!) coming out for the next few months, many people are starting to miss having a big, bombastic action movie starring people with superpowers. In the meantime, you can always turn to anime to provide enough exhilarating fun to forget that you’re staring at your TV and not the silver screen.

This brings us to One Punch Man, one of the few shows of the last decade that managed to cross over to the mainstream, or at least as close to it as an anime goes. Just like its titular hero, One Punch Man the anime comes from an unlikely origin story. It is based on a webcomic from a no-name manga author that goes only by the moniker ONE. The story follows a young, bald, average-looking man called Saitama. He’s trained so hard that he’s become the strongest being in the universe, a man capable of defeating anyone or anything with just one punch (hey, that’s the title of the show!). Though he’s a superhero for fun, Saitama no longer finds any joy in doing what he does, his only wish is to face someone that can challenge him.                         

We’ve covered some heavy-handed shows in this column, so if what you need is a good laugh, don’t look any further, because One Punch Man offers all the thrills of a high-budget Marvel movie, but with an absurd amount of laughs not really found in the genre. 

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best foreign movies and tv streaming

(Welcome to Pop Culture Imports, a column that compiles the best foreign movies and TV streaming right now.)

We’re 25% of the way through 2019 now. Which means you have 75% of the year left to brush up on your foreign movies and impress your friends. You’re in luck with this week’s Pop Culture Imports, as the collection of best foreign movies and TV streaming now is led by Cold War, the achingly beautiful Polish Best Foreign Picture nominee that wowed at this year’s Oscars. Joining it is the surreal Ghanian fable from Ava Duvernay’s distribution company, Array, The Burial of Kojo, a twisted French historical dramedy, the wildly popular satirical anime One-Punch Man, and an irreverent early 2000s French comedy.

Fire up those subtitles and let’s get streaming.

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back to the future manga

Are you ready to go back to Back to the Future? The beloved 1980s science-fiction trilogy received a modern-day revival of sorts in 2015, when the “future” date that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) traveled to in their DeLorean time machine actually came to pass. For a full year, it was countdown clocks, Marty McFly cosplay, and special screenings of the beloved film. Most importantly, a whole new generation of movie lovers were familiarized with Marty and Doc.

Now, fans can add one more item to their growing collection of Back to the Future paraphernalia. A Back to the Future manga comic book is in the works from One-Punch Man artist, Yuusuke Murata.

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