We like Bobcat Goldthwait. In fact, we like him quite a bit. It’s great to see a guy who could have fallen into replaying one career moment take charge of his own path and make the stuff he wants to make. Goldthwait’s new film God Bless America is in some theaters now and also playing on VOD. The movie has been finished for a while — it premiered last September at TIFF — and so it isn’t unreasonable to hope that, in addition to promoting the film, Goldthwait has some new stuff in the works.

Jeff Goldsmith did a Q&A with Goldthwait after a screening of God Bless America, and the conversation is presented on Goldsmith’s Q&A podcast. During that conversation, which is initially derailed by Goldsmith’s questions about the 1988 film Hot to Trot, Goldthwait mentions a few possible follow-up projects that he wrote before making God Bless America. Some of them are nuts. Check out his comments below. Read More »