In the past twenty-four hours a few stories have broken that were either debunked, shown to be partially wrong, or are a bit optimistic. Brendon quickly jumped on top of Universal’s denial of alternate cuts of The Wolfman, but here are a couple other items to be critical of. Read More »


Seems premature to be giving Taylor Lautner multi-million paydays based only on New Moon, doesn’t it? The film did amazingly well, and he became an instant heartthrob, but how much of that was Lautner and how much was just Twilight? Impossible to tell until he’s in a non-Twilight film or two. Which is why he’s being courted left and right for new films, including Max Steel and Cancun.

Before those get a chance to get off the ground, however, he’ll earn $7.5m to star as Tom Cruise‘s son in Northern Lights, a film that sounds like Top Gun, Jr. Read More »

Super Troopers

Fans of Broken Lizard’s Super Troopers will be glad to know that things are moving along nicely for a sequel. According to Movie Cultists, they have independent financing and are looking to make a deal with Fox as well. Steve Lemme describes the situation as follows:

We’re like, three drafts into it. It’s funny, because we have an independent financier — we have a lot of independent financiers — who are like, ‘Give us that fucking movie.’  And we’re like, ‘We will, we will but we have to go through a studio first.’  But it’s a great thing to go to a studio and say, ‘We have the money.’

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