Exclusive: Green Lantern’s Suit Will Be CG

Green Lantern

Everyone is curious to see what Ryan Reynolds will look like in costume in the big screen adaptation of DC Comics’ Green Lantern. Production started earlier this month in New Orleans, and while the first set photos have begun to hit the web — don’t expect to see Reynolds in the green suit. Not today, not next week, not next month, not ever. So don’t expect to see any leaked shots of Reynolds in the actual suit until Warner Bros makes the official full reveal.

Why not?

Well, because there isn’t a suit.

No suit?

That’s right. No suit. When I was first told this info, I didn’t believe it. I actually didn’t even consider it as a real possibility. But the information I’m about to reveal has since been backed up by two other independent sources. I stand by this information 150% — this is legit. I risk my reputation on it. Ready for it? Okay…

The suit that Ryan wears on set is a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights. I’ve heard that Ryan Reynolds has been joking on set that Warner Bros is going to make him into a Na’vi when the final cut is released. His joke, not mine. The Green Lantern suit you will see in the final film will be almost entirely created using computers.

That’s right — Green Lantern’s suit will be mostly CG!

Wait, stop…

I said STOP. Comic book fanatics should not freak out just yet…

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