Hunters - Nathan Phillips and Britne Oldford

Syfy’s new series Hunters could be a cross between V and Homeland. An FBI agent discovers a terrorist organization called Hunters, who are actually aliens from another world. Nathan Phillips and Britne Oldford play agents pursuing the Hunters, and Julian McMahon plays the main Hunter.

Hunters is produced by Natalie Chaidez and Gale Anne Hurd, adapted from the book Alien Hunter by Whitley Strieber. We got to speak with Chaidez, who also used to produce Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, after her Hunters panel for the Television Critics Association. Hunters premieres Monday, April 11 at 10PM on Syfy.  Read More »

12 Monkeys

This week at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, I got a chance to interview Natalie Chaidez on her upcoming Syfy series Hunters. We’ll bring you the full interview when the show premieres in April, but Chaidez was also a producer of the Syfy series 12 Monkeys so we got some news while we spoke about Hunters.

Based on the Terry Gilliam film, 12 Monkeys has updated the timeline to encompass the present day, the past, and an even more distant viral apocalyptic future. As the film was based on the short La Jetée it had a circular logic revealed in the film’s finale. Chaidez said the show has also been designed to circle back to its own pilot, whenever the series ultimately ends.  Read More »

12 Monkeys Tv show

An adaptation of Terry Gilliam‘s underrated 1995 film 12 Monkeys is coming to TV. A twelve episode series has been ordered for the Syfy network with the aim to premiere January 2015. Charles Roven, who produced the original film as well as many of the DC comic book movies, is on board to produce and veterans of shows such as Friday Night Lives, Nikita, Terra Nova, V and Heroes are also behind the scenes. X-Men star Aaron Stanford will play the lead role of a man sent back in time to destroy a plague. Read more about the 12 Monkeys TV show below. Read More »