Groundhog day rip offs

This weekend, Happy Death Day will give audiences that old familiar feeling that they’ve seen something like this before. Because they have: it’s a slasher movie take on Groundhog Day. But Groundhog Day isn’t the only film to use the time loop scenario.
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Naked trailer

For happy couples, the idea of reliving your wedding day might be a dream come true. But for Marlon Wayans‘ character in the upcoming Netflix movie Naked, it’s a total nightmare. In the new Groundhog Day-inspired comedy, Wayans wakes up naked in an elevator and encounters comical amounts of resistance as he races to make it to his own ceremony on time. Check out the full Naked trailer below.
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Naked Teaser Trailer - Marlon Wayans

Groundhog Day has become the anchor of movies with a time loop at the center of the narrative. It was the first film to bring the concept to mainstream movies, and since then we’ve seen it employed in a variety of genres with films like Run Lola Run, Primer, Deja Vu, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, and most recently, Before I Fall. Now we’re circling back to a comedic approach with a new title coming to Netflix later this year.

Naked stars Marlon Wayans as Rob Anderson, a man who should have been taking care of all the important things a groom has to do before getting married, like writing his vows. Instead, Rob went out to party and wakes up the next morning naked in a hotel elevator with one hour to get to his wedding. As you’ve surmised, even after the day plays out, Rob keeps waking up naked in that elevator.

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