There’s no denying the power and popularity of superheroes today. While Marvel is dominating the superhero market in the US, there’s another superhero juggernaut that has dominated the animation landscape for the past couple of years and is well worth your time. I’m referring to My Hero Academia, the uber-popular manga and anime franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi

The manga is so popular it is constantly topping the graphic novel sales charts in the US, and the anime has been running for four seasons and it’s easy to become obsessed with it. Even Hollywood has recognized the potential goldmine of My Hero Academia, as they’re threatening with making a highly unnecessary live-action adaptation. Now that the second feature film based on the manga, My Hero Academia: Heroes Risingis about to be released in theaters, you may be wondering if you need to be caught with the series to watch it. To help prepare you for the release of the film, here’s everything you need to know to get ready for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

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my hero academia heroes rising review

The longstanding problem with theatrical movies for popular ongoing anime shows is that they’ll inevitably end up being mostly okay. By their nature, they don’t — and can’t — affect the course of the series. Movies for shows like Pokémon, Naruto, Bleach, and others sit in the weird space of owing their existence to said series and of being essentially non-canonical, expensive pieces of fan-service.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising does little to break this mold. The second theatrical movie for the popular superhero anime series (the first, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, hit theaters in 2018), Heroes Rising is an impressive piece of fan-service with beautiful character work and some of the most inventive and dazzling fight sequences that the series has ever seen. But a recycled plot and villain threaten to doom the film to the lower echelons of forgettable anime movies. Luckily the character-driven drama and a summery slice-of-life premise, which takes Class 1-A of U.A. High School to a remote fishing island as part of a new temporary hero program, makes Heroes Rising a worthwhile watch for even the casual My Hero Academia fan.

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