Michael Mann‘s list of possible new projects is extensive, but he seems to be winnowing it down to just two. Recently there was some confirmation that Michael Mann would indeed direct a film called Agincourt, based on the famous battle of the same name, as also depicted in Henry V. Independent, the company run by Luc Roeg (Nicolas Roeg’s son) is developing Agincourt, with Benjamin Ross rewriting the script turned in by Michael Hirst, and an eventual shoot planned in the UK and France.

It appears that Agincourt is still the most likely next film for Michael Mann, but now he is also signed to develop a script based on the book  Go Like Hell, with an eye to possibly direct. The book follows the Ford Motor Company’s efforts to reinvent itself, and the showdown with Ferrari at Le Mans in the mid ’60s. Much more detail on the project is after the break. Read More »